Keeping faith is a weapon against the feeling of powerlessness

After yesterday’s article was posted, many netizens gave me encouragement and we all expressed the same sentiments. Under the current political environment, Hong Kong people generally have a sense of powerlessness. The Chinese Communist Party is too powerful and barbaric, and he has all kinds of weapons in his hands, many of which we cannot resist under the current conditions, so it is normal to have a sense of powerlessness, and we need not avoid this point.

The objective situation is stronger than people, and the reality we face is sometimes worse than we think, which is not transferred by our subjective will, the disaster will come naturally, and no one can stop it.

But in the face of powerful oppression, in the face of our inescapable sense of powerlessness inside, there is only one thing to deal with, and that is the faith of our hearts.

The reason why I am pessimistic about the short term and confident about the medium and long term is also based on a few beliefs of my own, which I now write below and share with you.

The first belief is that democracy and freedom will eventually triumph over dictatorship, which is the most basic belief. Democracy and freedom are most in line with human nature and are what everyone wants to have. Since this is the case, there is no force that can take away the will of the majority of people. The triumph of democracy over dictatorship may not happen tomorrow, or next year, but it will always happen. Whether it happens later or sooner depends not on the dictatorship, but on the development of the internal and external situation, and on our own persistence.

The second belief is that what we have lost, we must take back. The freedom, rule of law, human rights and fairness that Hong Kong people have enjoyed for a hundred years, the social culture and rules of life that we enjoy, have mostly been lost or are losing now, and this is our ultimate pain, caused by the dictatorial rule of the Chinese Communist Party. We cannot change this reality for the time being, but this pain will be buried deep in our hearts, where it will take root and never be erased. With this pain in place, we will not give up, and we must be determined to recover it.

The third belief is that the democratic system we want to pursue is still unaccounted for. Without democracy, our freedom, rule of law, human rights and fairness will be lost one by one. We must be determined to pursue a democratic system on Hong Kong soil. We fight for democracy not only for ourselves, but also for our future generations.

The fourth belief is that Western democracies will definitely stand by our side and not by the side of the Chinese Communist Party. Whether it’s Trump, or Biden, whether it’s Japan or Germany, all democratic countries are facing the threat of the Chinese Communist Party, they will definitely side with universal values, and as long as they uphold them, they will stand with Hong Kong people. They may not do much for us, or they may do things for us that we don’t even dare to imagine. The time may be sooner or later, but the showdown between universal values and Chinese Communism will definitely happen, and once the two poles confront each other, there is no need to doubt that we will win or lose.

The fifth belief, we must also believe that mainland people will one day stand up against the oppression of the Chinese Communist Party, although there are a lot of fifty cents, small pink flocks, although most Chinese people are brainwashed and intimidated, but the pursuit of a happy life is human nature. Most Chinese people are now paralyzed by materialistic orgies, but one day they will understand that there is something more indispensable in the world than materialistic orgies, and that is freedom. The Chinese economy is doing well, and everyone is living as usual, so there is no pressure on the Chinese Communist Party, but the Chinese people now are no longer the same as they were during the famine in the 1960s.

The sixth belief is that good and evil are always in struggle, evil is sometimes very powerful, but evil must not last long, the times must move forward, only sometimes two steps back and then three steps forward. The development of history is not a straight line, sometimes it will take a detour, sometimes it will go astray, so the Chinese Communist Party, which seems to be very strong at present, cannot be strong forever. The Chinese Communist Party trampling on Hong Kong is just venting its anger against the Americans on the Hong Kong people. In the end, what determines the winner is not whether the Chinese Communist Party has subdued the Hong Kong people, but whether the Chinese Communist Party has the ability to subdue the Western democracies.

There is really not much we can do, right now, and the pain is coming one after another. Mr. Martin Lee and seven other leaders of the democratic camp are about to face imprisonment, and many more unknown hands and feet have suffered or will suffer physically and mentally, which is the purgatory of Hong Kong people’s destiny. We still have to avoid sacrifice, preserve ourselves and wait for our chance, but in the long run, we must keep our inner beliefs, once we lose them, then there is nothing left.

Why I say I am pessimistic about Hong Kong in the short term but have confidence in the medium and long term is based on the above beliefs. If we are not only pessimistic about the short term, but also about the medium and long term, is it still worthwhile to persevere? All hopes are dashed and irreversible, then any resistance and persistence we do is meaningless.

History is not like this, as evidenced by history, light always triumphs over darkness, history always goes in the direction of good, the general trend so, otherwise, there would be little hope for mankind, and the earth would not be in the current state.

Sometimes, silence is also a kind of power, Lu Xun said: not in the silence of the outbreak, or in the silence of death.