Good vaccine passport

Some in the West have advocated a “vaccine passport” that would allow people who have been vaccinated against U.S. military athletes or Wuhan pneumonia (either of these two names) to resume cross-border travel once a valid certificate is issued.

But the WHO opposed it, claiming it would cause discrimination. Because a large number of poor people in the Third World do not have access to vaccinations, they are unfairly denied the right to such passports.

However, the civilized countries of Europe and the United States and China each have vaccines. It is difficult to take care of the long term poverty, the rich western countries and the powerful China, can’t wait until the whole group of third world countries in the southern hemisphere are out of poverty, rich, all eliminate their corrupt DNA, each dictatorial government learn not to withhold the vaccine monopoly to their own wives and children and then sell it to the officials and rich people first; the western civilized countries in the northern hemisphere and China, all stop and can’t issue vaccine passports themselves, the northern hemisphere sacrifice their own trade and tourism profits, and wait for the southern hemisphere of the hell of the group of ghost countries everything on track, and then the world hand in hand singing about love and equality, by the UN Secretary General and Tan Desai together to preside over the issuance of a unified vaccine passport for all mankind ah, right?

As in a school, the same class, the students with good grades and passing grades, can not stop and accompany the test scores of the one or two full of red together to repeat the grade. You can not catch up with your homework, or due to family genetic low IQ, or their respective family reasons, is your business, you find another social worker slowly do your psychological counseling well, the other students to upgrade ah.

Vaccine passport, must be issued. Even if the Western group of countries does not recognize China’s State Drug and Ke Xing, another Pfizer, AstraZeneca, SC Johnson, formed a white vaccine passport area; China’s State Drug plus Ke Xing, another strong and noisy yellow vaccine passport area. The white zone and the yellow zone can not recognize each other, forming a passport wall with each other, and the black vaccine-free passport zone, which is a tripod – three regions that do not interact with each other, which is not a bad thing.

Because the white zone passport holders can at least fly from the United Kingdom to Australia, from Australia to Japan, and of course Taiwan also joined. Chinese yellow zone passport holders, can go to Cambodia, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, the Third World on everyone ignore. This can at least restore the order of traffic and trade on half of the planet.

As for Hong Kong, how to be caught in the middle of two sides again, or once again do bat both sides lick, Hong Kong regardless of yellow and blue what corpse, have a common refugee gene, they will have enough wisdom to look at the wind on their own go position to solve.

The freedom to do business and travel is important. What other discrimination does not discriminate, go to your mother, let the left gum in the college slowly around the stove spray spit it. We grade exams pass people, do not waste youth, slanting sun in the atmosphere is more robust, we want to upgrade, to promote, we do not wait.