Late stage cancer doesn’t need to be treated at all? The doctor finally said the truth

Two years ago, 58-year-old Zhao was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer. From the moment he was diagnosed, Zhao has been actively fighting with the disease, he went to different oncology hospitals and received interventional therapy, targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, in the words of Zhao’s wife, for two whole years, Zhao was actively treating.

Doctors said that with advanced liver cancer, the survival period is about half a year without treatment, and it is because of the active treatment that Zhao lived for one and a half more years, but after two years of fighting cancer, this strong man was finally taken away by the disease.

He finally died of living pain, it was too hard. Although he lived an extra year and a half and created a miracle of life, he did not have a single day to be happy, more than 80% of the two years were spent in the hospital, and various treatments for cancer have great side effects, he really suffered a lot.

Advanced cancer cannot be cured at all, so there is no need to cure it at all. No matter how aggressive it is, in the end, people and money are both empty.

However, some people say that nowadays, medical science is so advanced that even in advanced cancer, there are certain treatments that can prolong life and reduce pain, so even if you have advanced cancer, you don’t have to be too negative.

What should we do when we have cancer? Should we give up all treatments or fight actively?

As an oncologist, I would like to talk to you.

First, for the patients themselves, no one wants to give up

Fear of death is a human instinct, and the desire to live is also a common need of cancer patients. Even in advanced cancer, it is better to die than to live, and even in advanced stage, the severe cancer pain will bring cancer patients great pain, but they still want to live.

Unlike patients, family members often want this to end quickly, mainly because they do not want their loved ones to suffer too much.

Secondly, early stage cancer, the treatment effect is very good, there is no need to be too negative

According to the stage of development, cancer is divided into early stage, middle stage and late stage. Early stage cancer has the best treatment effect, and the survival period of more than five years can reach almost 100% without even radiotherapy after surgery.

If the cancer is in advanced stage, theoretically there is no chance of surgery, and the remaining treatment can only prolong the life but not cure the cancer, so the diagnosis of advanced cancer is equal to the death sentence, only there are early and late.

Thirdly, should advanced cancer be treated or not?

For example, for a patient with better constitution and better nutritional status, receiving cancer treatment can help prolong life.

However, for a person with poor physique, multiple underlying diseases and thin bones, you are advised not to toss and turn, which will only aggravate the pain and accelerate death.