The WHO epidemic source report Tan Desai also do not believe? To “second stage of investigation,” Chinese netizens angrily denounced: “Tan Secretary” against the

World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Tuesday urged a deeper investigation into whether the outbreak of the Chinese communist virus originated from a laboratory leak, as world leaders now push for a treaty to prepare for a future pandemic.

AFP obtained a report from WHO and Chinese experts ahead of Tuesday’s publication that concluded the lab leak hypothesis was highly unlikely, saying the virus behind Covid-19 was likely spread from bats to humans through an intermediary animal. But Tandse said a potential leak “would require further investigation and possibly the involvement of experts in additional tasks. He added that the international team had difficulty accessing raw data during its visit to China and called for “more timely and comprehensive data sharing” in the future. Some Chinese netizens were outraged, condemning “Secretary Tan” for his reversal.

WHO Director General Tan Desai urged further “investigation” into the theory of the Chinese lab leak. WHO Director-General Tan also said that the international team had difficulty accessing raw data during its visit to China. The report comes more than a year after the outbreak of the Chinese Communist Party virus, according to USA Today, which cited sources. The Communist virus outbreak has killed nearly 2.8 million people worldwide, and several countries are fighting a new wave of infections.

World leaders have called for a new international treaty to better combat future epidemics and for countries to prepare in case of another outbreak. They urged, “Together, we must be fully prepared to anticipate, prevent, detect, assess and respond effectively to epidemics in a highly coordinated manner.”

The call was made Tuesday in a joint article published in international newspapers by leaders from more than 20 countries, including Germany, France, South Korea and South Africa, as well as the European Union and the World Health Organization.

Tandse earlier called on the world not to waste any time preparing for the next world epidemic danger. “Now is the time to act. The world cannot wait until the pandemic is over to start planning for the next one,” the World Health Organization director general said at a virtual news conference.”

According to the report, the expert report on the origins of the communist virus disease ran into trouble during its release, with WHO encountering delays and diplomatic disputes in trying to get experts into Wuhan, and the release of that report was delayed. Wuhan was the city at the center of the first outbreak.

They finally arrived on Jan. 14, more than a year after the first cases surfaced.

Experts believe that the SARS-CoV-2 virus that caused the Covid-19 disease originally came from bats. The report’s authors believe that the most likely scenario is that it jumped directly to humans, but do not rule out other theories.

The Communist government’s argument that the virus did not originate in China at all, but was imported through frozen foods, is considered “possible” but highly unlikely.

The report said former U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration claimed that it was considered “extremely unlikely” that the virus escaped from a research lab.

According to a newtalk report today, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report on the investigation of the source of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, alleging that the virus is highly unlikely to have been transmitted through a laboratory and that the South China seafood market was not the original source of the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic, and that the contents of the report are almost identical to the official version leaked by the Chinese Communist Party earlier, prompting concerns from 14 countries, including the United States, that access to information is being blocked. Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also confessed that the Chinese Communist Party did not provide sufficient data, and said on the 1st that the WHO will discuss the second phase of the investigation as soon as possible.

The report said that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also did not believe the WHO source report? To “the second phase of the investigation,” Chinese netizens said angrily: Tan Secretary revolted.

According to the report, the WHO announced on March 31 to the new crown pneumonia traceability investigation joint report, failed to resolve international doubts, foreign media in the WHO online press conference asked that Tan Desai this had stated to carry out the next phase of the investigation work follow-up, whether it has been discussed with China and experts. Tandse responded that, as you can see, the joint retrospective report made many recommendations and also mentioned the follow-up assessment work, but because the report has just been released, WHO has not yet discussed follow-up actions, but he stressed that WHO will discuss and release relevant information as soon as possible.

The WHO report said that the expert panel assessed four pathways of human transmission of Wuhan pneumonia virus and concluded that the chance of human transmission via intermediate hosts is between “relatively likely” and “very likely”, and the chance of direct human transmission from the original animal is “likely” to “relatively more likely”, “likely” to be transmitted through cold-chain food, and “highly unlikely” to be transmitted through However, 14 countries subsequently issued a joint statement that “this international expert study on the source of Wuhan pneumonia virus delayed for a long time, and failed to obtain all and original information, samples, we need to jointly express concern about this.”

The EU pointed out that the report is a useful first step, but the study started late, with limited early samples and data, and asked WHO to continue the study. Tandse also indicated the same day that the assessment conducted by the expert panel was not comprehensive enough, and that more data and research are still needed to reach stronger and more robust conclusions. Tan said that although the panel found that “laboratory leakage of virus” is the most unlikely hypothesis, but for this point still need more investigation, willing to send another working group and experts to, WHO will soon announce the progress of the next phase of the investigation.

According to newtalk today, Chinese netizens have left messages on Weibo saying, “What? The thick-eyed Secretary Tan also defected?” The Chinese government has also been inundated with messages saying, “What?” and “Huh? Secretary Tan wants to rebel?” The Chinese netizens left comments on Weibo saying, “What? How to this time a little goose, behind the threat?” The government’s attitude has changed.