Veteran media professionals analyze the background of the “anti-Asianophobia” movement

People participate in a peace vigil for victims of Asian hate in Union Square Park in New York City on March 19, 2021.

The anti-Asian hate movement in the United States is currently in full swing. By the end of March, a number of cities had already held marches. On Sunday, April 4, some Chinese organizations plan to launch an even larger anti-Asian hate march.

One wonders, who is discriminating against Asians? Is it true that Asians in America are collectively hated? Realistically, most of the attacks on Chinese and Asians in San Francisco and New York, where Chinese people gather, come from blacks, not whites.

Recently, Mr. Shi Shan, a senior Chinese-American media personality, expressed his views on these issues. The following are his views.

The discrimination against Asians mainly comes from the Democratic Party

The Tong Yuan Association, the oldest Chinese American civil rights organization, sees this issue very clearly. In early March, the organization released a statement saying, “No matter what, CRT (Critical race theory) wants to drive too many Asians out of good schools. CRT is today’s Chinese Exclusion Act, CRT is the real hate crime against Asians, CRT is in our workplace under the guise of implicit bias/sensitivity training. It has infiltrated our schools under the guise of culturally/racially sensitive pedagogy with curriculums such as the New York Times’ 1619 Project and Seattle’s Ethnic Math.”

CRT is “Critical Race Theory,” a major weapon of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Under Obama, this theory began to be pushed across the United States, and the 2020 race riots across America are linked to it.

Then there is the U.S. education affirmative action law that balances access to education based on race. Chinese and Asian students do better in school, but are “affirmed” by this law. This is systematic discrimination against Asians, and the beneficiaries are not whites, but blacks and Latinos. Because of this, most of the leftist media has turned a blind eye to the discrimination and harm suffered by Asians.

Many on the left also identify Asians as accomplices of whites, beneficiaries of American society, and should be the ones criticized. The most typical claim is that Asians are morally white (Morally white).

The organizers behind this movement are well thought out. Over the past year or so, more and more Asians, especially the more successful ones, have begun to lean toward the conservative Republican Party and away from the radical Democratic Party. This has the far left of the Democratic Party worried. They need a signature event or movement to turn this around.

Two Events Lead to Anti-Asian Hatred Movement

Two recent cases have caused a great deal of concern. One was the Atlanta shooting in which four of the dead were Asian, one was white and one was Latino. This case, police believe, was not a hate crime against Asians.

The other was in San Francisco, where a white man beat up an elderly Chinese woman. It was said to be because the old lady was regularly selling relief items she received for free from her church.

These two incidents led to a massive anti-Asian hate movement. One wonders why similar movements did not occur when Asian hating occurred before. Because in both incidents, it was whites, not blacks, who attacked Asians.

On March 26, posters of the New York anti-Asian hate rally and march were circulated on WeChat, with a logo similar to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. (Screenshot from WeChat)

“Black Lives Matter” organizes Asian march

Here’s a look at the sign for the New York anti-Asian hate march. This is from the organizers. A big black fist says Anti-Asian Hate. This sign is similar to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) sign.

In fact, there was a march against Asianophobia in New York on March 20. Although a number of Asians, including Chinese, participated, the organizers were not of Asian descent. At the rally near Chinatown, most of the speakers were black. The slogans they chanted included “Black Lives Matter” in addition to “No to Asian Hate” and “Asian Lives Matter”. Obviously, this was an Asian march organized by the “Black Lives Matter” group in New York.

The “Anti-Asian Hatred Movement” and Pro-China Groups

The so-called Asian Action is a movement centered on the Chinese in the United States. Most of the participants are from Chinese associations and chambers of commerce that have close ties with the Chinese Consulate. They always come out when the Chinese Communist Party needs them and shout out the slogans of the Chinese Communist Party.

At last weekend’s anti-Asianophobia march, there were slogans that had nothing to do with civil rights, such as “Support North Korea and China, oppose U.S. imperialism” and “Asian, black, Latino, and white workers unite,” among others. A Chinese man in a red shirt also led the demonstration by shouting “Down with U.S. imperialism” and “Go back to China” to promote the “patriotism” of the Chinese Communist Party.

It was destined to be an unsuccessful event, with no results. It is impossible for Asian Americans to support North Korea and the Chinese Communist Party, much less to oppose “American imperialism”.

What is the most important concern of Chinese Americans in the United States?

Most Chinese are most concerned about school education, about whether their children will be treated fairly and have equal opportunities. Just like that dream Martin Luther King said, it is society that evaluates individuals by their character and ability, not by the color of their skin or their race. Therefore, Chinese and Chinese children should not be excluded from quality schools and quotas to Ivy League universities because of their race.

The second biggest concern is paying less taxes. Chinese and Asians have an entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to start their own businesses. Chinese are willing to suffer and are not afraid to fail, and of course, like all capitalists, do not like to pay high taxes.

Third, most Chinese have not been oppressed by the police and need more police manpower to increase patrols of Asian communities, especially Chinatown. Therefore, they ask the city government to increase the funding for the police force to maintain public security.

These demands of the Chinese are far from the Democratic Party’s philosophy and cannot be expressed from the campaign against Asianophobia. The Democratic Party is unlikely to agree to them, and the Black Lives Matter aristocracy is even less likely to agree to them.

The American communist virus strikes

The virus of American communism is hidden in the Democratic Party and appears in the form of extreme left. Their slogans are “equality”, “suffrage”, etc., but these communist slogans are not reliable at all.

In the late 1940s, the Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomintang fought a civil war for power. At that time, the Chinese Communist media made a lot of propaganda about “democracy” and “elections,” calling for universal suffrage for the top executive and all members of parliament on a one-person-one-vote basis, opposing “one-party dictatorship” and party control of the military. He praised Western democracy, especially American democracy. A large number of Chinese people and intellectuals were deceived by the CCP’s high-profile propaganda and switched to support the CCP.

But when the CCP seized power, it stopped talking about democracy, not to mention universal suffrage, and even calling for the nationalization of the military became a serious crime. During the anti-rightist movement, 2 million intellectuals were branded as rightists and imprisoned.

Today, the American communist virus has seized and spread in the same form. “Struggle” and “mutual hatred” are the first symptoms of this disease. Just as when the Chinese Communist Party promoted democracy, it incited hatred against other ethnic groups under the banner of “equality” and “anti-hatred”. Chinese should be wary.