Pelosi Condemns Hong Kong Sentencing of Democratic Leaders U.S. Congress Discusses Voting Participation

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday condemned the conviction of seven pro-democracy leaders by a Hong Kong court. On the same day, the U.S. Congress held a hearing to discuss fair voting rights.

On April 1, Hong Kong time, seven Hong Kong pro-democracy leaders were convicted by a court of organizing or participating in unauthorized rallies. These pro-democracy leaders include One Media founder Lai Chi-ying and Hong Kong Democratic Party founding chairman Lee Chu-ming, among others.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, who has long followed the situation in Hong Kong, posted a condemnation on her Twitter account.

She wrote, “The sentencing of Martin Lee and six other pan-democratic leaders for peacefully protesting is deep evidence that Beijing is accelerating its destruction of the rule of law. The U.S. Congress will continue to hold Beijing accountable for its human rights abuses against Hong Kong.”

Separately, President Biden announced yesterday the $2 trillion American Jobs Initiative, which focuses on investments in infrastructure, manufacturing, clean energy, caregiving, and technology research and development. At a press conference today, Speaker of the House Pelosi highlighted the plan proposed by Biden, repeating the slogan of Biden’s rebuilding plan, “Help is on the way” (Help is on the way).

At the same time, Pelosi responded to some members of Congress who opposed or criticized the word “green” energy.

She said, “The science says we need to address the climate crisis. Government governance can help us do that. If you don’t believe in the science and you don’t believe in government governance, if you have a stake in the fossil fuel industry, that’s where you are. You might call it fear, and I also call it a lack of courage.”

The same day, Congress also held a hearing on fair voting rights, at which Butterfield, chairman of the Subcommittee on Elections, said voters should be able to exercise their right to vote equally and without restraint. Every voter’s rights should be protected.

It is our responsibility, as elected members of Congress, to uphold and defend the Constitution and the rights of every voter in this country,” he said. In the greatest democracy in the world, every citizen should be able to exercise their vote equally and without restraint. Last year’s elections showed us that participation in our democratic process increases when barriers are removed and voters are given options on when and how to vote, which increases participation. The integrity of our elections was not compromised. In fact, it enhanced the integrity.”

He added that participation in last year’s election was so high, but still not every American had an equal right to exercise their vote. America must do better, he said.