One city spent 30 years to boil a river into a hot pot soup base

Hot pot soup base boiled for years by polluting companies, oily but not greasy, yellow but not evil

“There is a city spent 30 years boiling a river into a hot pot soup base”: South Korea has kimchi hot pot, Japan has Sang Park hot pot, Thailand has Tom Yum Goong hot pot, Switzerland has chocolate hot pot ……

China has Zibo hot pot fish!

March 27, Shandong Zibo Yueyang River & Xiaowu River, we will be 50 more than 1 meter long toy fish, put in the world’s largest volume of long hot pot (this river’s apparently polluted section length of about 2 kilometers, width of about 15 meters) soup, they flip belly dance, they are in the butter hot pot soup base hugely run to death, there are 10 big red pepper randomly dotted with **, quietly wake you up sleeping Too long taste buds, no fancy other side dishes, no nature interruptions, everything is so just right, this is the gift of authentic human activity! It is the best of Chinese dining.

This hot pot fish mouth-watering secret lies in the ancestral secret recipe, carefully boiled by the relevant polluting enterprises for decades, containing fierce ingredients so far secretly not to be passed on – that soulful color, that long smell, that no one dares to enjoy the taste alone, absolutely worthy of “shocking the country! The four words “shock the country”. If you want to experience the real “tip of the tongue in China”, welcome to the beautiful big Zibo. About 30,000 square meters of spicy hot pot soup base enough to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records, always waiting for you!

Through the implementation of the “Zibo Hot Pot Fish” project, we expect more people to pay attention to the water pollution in Zibo, and to promote the local environmental protection departments and considerable enterprises to remediate and repair.

On April 1, a city in China spent nearly 30 years boiling a river into a Michelin-grade hot pot soup base|Zibo Hot Pot Fish” was released, the pollution situation has attracted the attention of the media as well as netizens, and the Zibo authorities reacted quickly. Just on the day the article was issued, within just 1 day, quickly out of the key 6 steps visible to the naked eye.

The first step: retraction letter

The second step: inter-provincial appointment

The Zibo propaganda department not only knows my phone number, but also my last name. But the reality is that many of my friends do not know my last name, which works in place! The propaganda department, in addition to thanking me for discovering the local pollution, also strongly expressed the desire to meet and talk with me, whether I was in Shenzhen or elsewhere, and wanted to run over to meet me. Later, I could only say that it was not convenient to meet.

Step three: talk business

Step 4: bribe to withdraw the article

Step 5: block the topic

Step six: let history take the blame

The final egg, despite the rain in Zibo today, but the small yellow river is still very yellow ……

Shooting time: April 2

Shooting location: Zibo Yueyang River section (near the Shentou Bridge)