Taiwan Railway’s Taroko derailment leaves 50 dead, family members struggle to identify victims

The most serious derailment accident in the history of Taiwan Railway has caused 50 deaths and 100 minor and serious injuries.

The remains of the deceased were sent to the Hualien Municipal Funeral Home one after another after the incident, until 10:11 p.m., the last piece of the body was sent to the funeral home by a police car, the remains of the 50 deceased were all transported.

Evening funeral hall sobbing, some family members fell to the ground crying, some family members identified the remains finished out of the freezing room spread soft need to hold, 9:00 p.m. there are 13 dead identity was confirmed, but there are still many families of the deceased can not find the remains.

Taiwan Railway said that at 8:39 p.m. and Hualien Fire Bureau to check, confirmed the scene prosecutor to amend the number of death certificates, because inadvertently opened the body bag containing a body block death certificate number, so the number of deaths at the scene from 49 to 48, another 2 people were sent to the hospital and pronounced dead. A total of 50 people were killed in the derailment of the Taroko.

Many family members were still unable to identify the remains at the scene. Reporter Cai Yiqian/Photo