Australian-Chinese people are chilled when their loved ones are critically ill and the Beijing Red Cross blood bank rudely refuses to supply

Australian Chinese Jack Chen sent a “flag” to the Beijing Health Bureau to express his dissatisfaction. (Courtesy of those in the know)

Mr. Chen, an Australian national of Chinese descent, was forced to stay in Beijing because of the epidemic when he returned to China to visit his family. Recently, his grandfather was critically ill and needed a blood transfusion, but the Beijing Red Cross Blood Center refused to supply blood.

According to the source, Jack Chen, an Australian citizen, was temporarily stranded in Beijing while visiting his family in China because of the global spread of the New Coronavirus (a Chinese Communist virus) pneumonia, and also happened to be caring for his grandfather in Beijing.

Recently, his grandfather was treated at the Beijing Zhongguancun Hospital’s Intensive Care Medicine Department for health reasons. His hematocrit of over five points met the standard domestic blood transfusion target and was in urgent need of a blood transfusion.

When Beijing Zhongguancun Hospital applied to the Blood Bank of the Blood Supply Department of Beijing Red Cross Blood Center (No. 37, North Third Ring Road Middle, Beijing) for blood allocation, and was told that no blood was available.

Mr. Chen was so anxious that he went to the Blood Bank of the Blood Supply Section of Beijing Red Cross Blood Center at 11:00 p.m. on March 26 to negotiate with them and ask them to provide relevant services, but the staff of the Blood Bank lobby, Work No. 1159, was rude when receiving him, claiming that there was no blood available and calling a leader of the Blood Supply Section (the person in charge of Room 209 of the fourth floor administration building) to the Blood Bank lobby to dismiss Mr. Chen.

When the leader just entered the blood bank hall, he shouted at Mr. Chen, who received a foreign-related complaint on the 12345 mayor’s hotline this morning, “Is it you?” “What’s wrong with foreigners, bully for what, get lost!” The leader and threatened Mr. Chen to let Chinese public security arrest him and told security guards to blow him out.

On the morning of March 31, Mr. Chen custom-made a “flag” with the words “no blood, no help” and sent it to the Beijing Health Bureau.

Jack Chen, an Australian Chinese, sent a “flag” to the Beijing Health Bureau to express his discontent. (Courtesy of the source)

The source said that Mr. Chen finally solved his grandfather’s blood transfusion supply through other channels, and that the Red Cross Blood Center’s blood supply section leaders’ behavior at the time was clearly a retaliation for Mr. Chen’s complaint to the mayor’s hotline.

The source also said that the incident made their friends and relatives in Australia feel very chilling, “why the leaders and subordinate staff of the blood supply section, who are in control of Beijing’s scarce resources, are so rampant and rude, taking the resources of the government and the country and not serving the people, not acting repeatedly, and pretending to be a tiger. Blood section leaders, using the national resources to bully us patriotic expatriates.”