Tighten the control again! Guangzhou “talent housing” sales restrictions extended to 3 years

Land media reported that the mainland continues to crack down on the property market. Guangzhou on Friday (2) issued a new policy on real estate regulation and control, clearly stipulates that through the new purchase of housing to enjoy the talent policy, the restriction on the sale of two years from the date of obtaining the real estate certificate, extended to three years, and further strengthen the management of real estate finance, increase the supervision and inspection of the irregular flow of loans for business purposes into real estate issues, and strengthen the management of personal housing loan review and lending.

The document requires banking financial institutions to further strict “after the loan” management, strengthen the monitoring and early warning of the flow of funds after the loan, banking financial institutions should remind the borrower in writing of the legal risks and implications of illegal use of credit funds for housing, and the borrower to sign a loan agreement, should also sign a letter of commitment to the use of funds, clearly Once the loan is found to be diverted to the real estate sector, the loan will be immediately withdrawn, the credit limit will be reduced, and the corresponding legal responsibility will be pursued.