Netizen gives up 600,000 high salary to join the military, was exposed to shoot pornography, the party media rush to delete the draft

Liu Changjiang, a 20-year-old male Internet celebrity in China, allegedly gave up a lucrative annual salary of 600,000 yuan to join the Marine Corps. Touted by the Chinese Communist Party media. (Video Screenshot)

Liu Changjiang, a 20-year-old Chinese netizen, has been touted by the Chinese Communist Party media for allegedly giving up a lucrative annual salary of 600,000 yuan to join the Marine Corps. But then it was revealed that he was suspected of being “involved in pornography” and had been selling self-made gay pornographic videos on Twitter. The official media hastily deleted the article. Netizens chortled, “Just got on the highway and flipped.

Liu Changjiang, who was born in 2000, has won modeling competitions and holds multiple identities as a national bodybuilding champion, nutritionist and national Pilates instructor, according to Chinese media reports. He signed a contract with a Hangzhou-based agency in 2020 to become an artist, and often broadcasts live on “Shakyin” and participates in commercial and variety shows.

Liu Changjiang quickly became popular on the Internet, with his stage name “Liu Chuyao”, more than 100,000 followers and an annual salary of 600,000 RMB. A month or so ago, Liu decided to join the army, and not only terminated his contract with his company, but also sold his new sports car to pay for his broken contract.

The Chinese Communist Party’s CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and other party media made a lot of noise about it, claiming that in Liu Changjiang’s heart, “he always had a dream of military service” because his father was also a soldier. He grew up listening to stories of soldiers, and for him, becoming a soldier is a more valuable life choice than being a netizen.

The report said that Liu Changjiang also said, “I broke the contract in the first place, to pay the company a sum of money, can only sell the car, although the loss of money for this, but willingly.” But “join the army glorious, never regret!”

The company’s website has been used for the purpose of selling its own “gay sex” videos on Twitter.

According to Hong Kong 01, Liu Changjiang filmed two “gay sex” videos, totaling about one hour. After the incident came to light, the party media immediately took down Liu Changjiang’s story, and even netizens found that CCTV’s official Weibo account also joined the deletion of the story, and even Liu Changjiang’s “Liu Chuyao” Weibo account was also deleted.

The more people think about it, the funnier it gets.