4 million people bought guns in March, the highest gun sales ever, many were forced out of Asian-Americans

The latest wave of gun buyers, many of whom are Asian-Americans forced out by hate crimes against Asians. The picture shows a gun store employee in Florida checking guns for customers.

The United States in two weeks out of at least three major shootings, Congress and began to seriously study the amendment of the law to restrict guns, resulting in a huge increase in the purchase of guns, March gun background checks record-breaking number, and the frequent cases of attacks against Asians also let Asian gun purchases increased.

The FBI said that 4.7 million people applied for background checks for gun purchases in March, 36 percent more than in February; according to the National Shooting Sports Alliance, more than 2 million of the applicants for gun purchases were buying new guns.

According to the National Shooting Sports Coalition, more than 2 million of the gun applicants are buying new guns. The Shooting Sports Coalition is an organization of gun owners, and it can match the actual number of guns sold based on the FBI’s background check statistics. “

Oliwa said the number of new gun sales in March was the second highest in history, after March 2020; he said the wave of gun purchases was stimulated by congressional discussions on gun control bills. The 2.3 million new guns sold in March last year were the result of the new crown (Chinese Communist virus) evasion measures.

Oliwa said political figures have called for a total ban on a certain type of weapon and are prepared to severely restrict the trade and use of firearms, which is obviously the main reason for people to rush to “get ready for firepower”.

The House of Representatives, which is dominated by the Democrats, has passed two bills to expand background check requirements, and almost all firearms sales and transfers are required to go through background checks first, although the Republicans have lost a majority of seats in the Senate, the Democrats want to repeal the “effort to delay” rules of procedure and vote on them, and need to get at least 10 votes from the Republicans first. The bill was passed by the House of Representatives and then published for implementation.

This year, January is also the gun purchase season, also more than 4 million people applied to buy guns, the reason is the congressional events; January and March gun purchases more than 4 million people, is the only since the FBI began “background check” business in 1998.

The year 2020 will be the year with the highest number of gun purchases, for reasons other than the epidemic shutting down hundreds of businesses and most people working and attending classes at home, and “safety with guns”, and the wave of racial equality demonstrations causing social unrest, which is also the reason why people want to own guns for self-protection.