Tencent employee gambling loss of nearly 5 million suicide, his wife was 9 months pregnant, suicide note exposed

On the morning of March 30, a suicide note was circulating in several groups, which said that a Tencent employee (the suicide note was written in the first person) lost nearly five million in the chess game, credit loans borrowed all over, colleagues cheated all over, and his wife’s personal money of a million to lose, feeling unable to turn around and wanting to commit suicide.

This employee works in Tencent games. The suicide note finally wrote: “Just now, I lied in the Hong Kong currency trading group (Tencent staff internal group) that there were 30w, cheated several colleagues, adding up to 400,000, and I went to bo a hand, and then there was no more, which is equivalent to a complete death sentence for themselves.”

1, from October 2020 began to participate in online gambling, began to win 360,000, did not stop.

2, 2021 during the Spring Festival has been losing, want to return to the capital, the results of the deeper and deeper, the savings all lost.

3, not willing, borrowing to continue to gamble, continue to lose, this time borrowing has been more than 1.3 million.

4, after desperate, confessed to colleagues. Kind-hearted colleagues lend him money to repay the loan, the result is a basket of water is empty, more than 3 million borrowed and lost.

5, forced to mental pressure, to his wife confessed. His wife is 9 months pregnant, his savings of 750,000 plus 200,000 loans, a total of 950,000 to him, the results were lost by him again.

6, this is not finished, the good guy is still not dead, and in the internal group of employees cheated colleagues 400,000, the results I will not say, you all know.

Nearly noon, the interface news gave the latest news of this explosive event: 1.

1, the matter really exists, the employee belongs to the Tencent game department.

2, he lost at least 5.7 million in a Texas chess: his own savings of 1.3 million + borrowed colleagues 3 million + wife 950,000 + dying cheat colleagues 400,000.

3, this employee has been rescued back.