Old video new fry children’s language host scared scalp

In recent years, Western public opinion has been very concerned about the human rights of the Muslim minority in Xinjiang, making cotton produced in the region a product that many Western multinational companies refuse to use, prompting a strong reaction from the Communist Party of China.

A campaign to boycott Nike and other U.S. brand goods was recently launched. Some brainless fifty-cent fans recorded videos of Nike products being destroyed to lick the Communist Party’s heart, just like the anti-Japanese demonstrations and boycott of Japanese goods that took place in 2012 over the ownership of the Diaoyu Islands.

And some people turned up a previous video, for all of you blindly attached to the people erected a mirror.

In the video, an elementary school student talks eloquently about the boycott of Japanese goods and how he came to know it. Childish words, while the host was scared and rushed to interrupt the child’s speech.

The host can’t hold his arm a bit ???? pic.twitter.com/VS64y8ekuf

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