Biden has not even formally offered a compromise nuclear offer and Iran has already said no

The Breitbart News reported Tuesday that Iran’s president rejected Biden‘s offer even before he offered a compromise on part of the nuclear deal.

U.S. media outlet Politico reported Monday that Biden was prepared to offer Iran a partial sanctions waiver in exchange for suspending some of its nuclear activities. Two people familiar with the matter told Politico that Biden’s administration officials plan to put forward a new proposal as soon as this week to start negotiations, given the increasingly unfavorable schedule. The proposal calls for Iran to halt certain nuclear activities, such as researching advanced centrifuges and enriching uranium to 20 percent purity, in exchange for some relief from U.S. economic sanctions, one of the sources said, stressing that details are still being worked out.

One of them confirmed that earlier this year, the U.S. proposed giving Iran access to a small amount of frozen billions of dollars in assets in exchange for a halt to Iran’s 20 percent uranium enrichment activities.

The Jerusalem Post reported Tuesday that Iran had ruled out Biden’s offer. Iranian state television quoted an unnamed official as saying Iran would not stop 20 percent uranium enrichment until the U.S. lifted all sanctions.

Tehran, which considers the U.S. to be making an unequal offer, said it rejects it. Iran’s offer was to halt uranium enrichment for a month in exchange for the lifting of all U.S. sanctions. The source said the U.S. side sees this as more of a brazen counterattack than a serious proposal.

Iran is is third rejection of a U.S. offer to negotiate a new nuclear deal and international sanctions.

The Biden Administration has sought to negotiate with Iran on a return to compliance with the deal by both sides, under which economic sanctions against Tehran would be lifted in exchange for curbs on Iran’s nuclear program that would make it more difficult to develop nuclear weapons. President Biden has taken several steps, often at the expense of U.S. allies, to lure Iran back into the talks, but so far none have come to fruition.