Shanghai Mandatory Vaccination for Health Workers Early Hospitalization of Doctors

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Kexing vaccine was launched in Hong Kong on February 26, and three people have died after receiving the vaccine in just nine days, raising concerns about the safety of the vaccine.

The Chinese Communist Party is pushing for vaccination against the Chinese virus, and Shanghai officials claim that the city’s health system personnel need to complete the goal of “receiving all the vaccinations. However, there are reports that a Shanghai doctor who received the vaccine earlier developed symptoms and was hospitalized for 14 days before he began to recover.

On March 31, the official microblogging site of the Communist Party’s Shanghai Municipal Health and Wellness Commission, “Health Shanghai 12320,” issued a notice stating that according to the joint prevention and control mechanism of the Communist Party’s State Council and the deployment of the Shanghai Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, the city’s health and wellness system, including all medical entities, district health and wellness committees, and all types of medical and health institutions at all levels, are required to receive the CCP pneumonia vaccine in accordance with the principle of “planting as much as possible and speeding up”; it also said that the main leaders of each unit should personally grasp the deployment, etc., to complete the goal of “receiving as much as possible” as soon as possible.

The briefing also claimed that, at present, the Shanghai health system has mapped out that there are 331,000 people eligible for vaccination, of which 272,000 have been vaccinated.

Previously, Daji obtained internal Communist Party epidemic prevention documents showing that the Shanghai public is extremely resistant to the Communist Party’s promotion of domestic vaccines, and most hospital employees are unwilling to be vaccinated. According to the Summary of Shanghai New Coronavirus Vaccination Mapping Registration Form filled out by the Jing’an District Health Care Committee in January this year, the total number of people mapped at the Cixian Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a tertiary hospital in Shanghai, was 135, of whom only 33 were willing to be vaccinated, and the mapping targets were health care workers among the key population.

In addition, according to Hong Kong Apple Daily on March 31, a doctor in Shanghai recently said on the Internet that he received inactivated vaccine from Beijing Biological on the 12th of this month, and a red rash appeared on his hands and buttocks the same night, which spread to his body the next day, accompanied by weakness in the limbs and abdominal pain, so that he needed to go to the hospital for medical treatment.

After that, the doctor’s condition continued to deteriorate, with pain in all four limbs and an inability to type on a cell phone with one hand, the source said. The doctor said the rash continued to grow on his body during his hospitalization and was finally treated with hormones before he was successfully discharged last Friday (26th).

According to current affairs commentator Li Linyi, people in Shanghai from all walks of Life, including key populations, are extremely resistant to receiving the CCP pneumonia vaccine because Chinese people have been victimized by the CCP and the tainted vaccine; and the CCP’s concealment of the truth has increased the public’s distrust of it and the vaccine.

On March 30, a number of netizens posted on Weibo that vaccination had become a political task: “Political tasks are bull, and the new Guan (CCP virus) vaccine has directly become mandatory!” “Today’s meeting again stressed the requirement to vaccinate and finish it within this week, saying it is a political task!”