Rumor has it that Chen Qiushi was sent to his parents’ home in Qingdao and his activities were restricted.

Citizen journalist Chen Qiushi was detained by the Chinese Communist Party for reporting on the Wuhan Epidemic. Recently, Xu Xiaodong, a close friend of Chen Qiushi and a Beijing-based fight instructor, revealed that Chen had returned to his ParentsHome in Qingdao and that he was restricted by authorities to a certain area.

Xu posted a video on his personal YouTube channel saying, “Li Zehua came to me last Time and said that after Chen Qiushi was taken away from Wuhan, his first stop was in Tianjin, where he was investigated, and after that he was taken to Qingdao, where he is now with his parents.”

“I saw a video of Chen Qiushi himself through channels, and he has now recovered his state and is in much better spirits. Qiushi’s mother has been out of work since last year and is at home full time; Qiushi’s father was rehired by his unit and is at home with pay to take care of Qiushi because of what happened to him. Akihumi can exercise around the home and can buy some daily necessities in a certain area.” He said.

Xu Xiaodong, who is in Beijing, concluded, “I thought for a long time before making this video, how I organized the language and couldn’t say it wrong.”

Last January, on the eve of Wuhan’s closure, citizen journalist Chen Qiushi rushed to Wuhan and made field visits to the Wuhan Central Hospital, the South China Seafood Market and other venues. He said he worked with his fellow Wuhan residents to get the voice of Wuhan out.

Chen Qiushi had mentioned in a video that his Family had been harassed by the Chinese Communist Party police. Faced with threats from the authorities, he had said, “I am not even afraid of death, am I afraid of you, the Communist Party?” Soon after, Chen Qiushi was taken away by the police. The Epoch Times noted that, as of yet, no news of Chen’s release has been announced on his personal Twitter account.

Chen Qiushi was one of several citizen journalists who disappeared while reporting on the epidemic in Wuhan, the other three being Fang Bin, Li Zehua and Zhang Zhan.

Former CCTV reporter Li Zehua visited funeral parlors, P4 laboratories and other institutions to investigate and broadcast live from Wuhan during the city’s closure, and his last broadcast was both footage of his arrest by CCP police. on April 22, 2020, Li Zehua appeared for the first time since his disappearance and recounted his experiences in police custody on his personal YouTube channel.

In addition, Zhang Zhan, a mainland human rights lawyer, was arrested by Chinese authorities for “provoking and provoking trouble” after going to Wuhan to uncover the truth about the epidemic, and she went on a hunger strike in prison. On Dec. 28 last year, Zhang was sentenced to four years in vain by a Shanghai court, making her the first citizen journalist to be sentenced by the Chinese authorities for exposing the epidemic.

Another citizen journalist, Fang Bin, a resident of Wuhan, went to various hospitals in Wuhan on February 1 to photograph the actual situation because of the Communist authorities’ cover-up of the Wuhan epidemic. On that day, he filmed the removal of eight bodies from Wuhan’s fifth hospital in five minutes.

Fang Bin has said on his personal YouTube channel that today’s pneumonia in Wuhan is not only a natural disaster, but a man-made one. He said that the cruelty of the virus is far less than the cruelty of tyranny. Fang Bin called for a universal rebellion against the CCP tyranny, “China is the land of the Chinese people, how can the CCP devil be allowed to run rampant here?” Fang Bin was later arrested by the police.

Until now, authorities have not released any news about Fang Bin. Some sources disclosed earlier this month that after Fang’s arrest, police began preparing to charge him with “inciting subversion of state power” and later changed the charge to “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.

On April 1, 2020, Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks filed a request with the U.S. State Department to investigate the disappearance of three Chinese citizen journalists, Chen Qiushi, Fang Bin and Li Zehua.