History Lessons from Three U.S. Misjudgments of the Chinese Communist Party (22)

(4) Bush Sr., Clinton, Obama, etc. are the sinners who ruined America

President Trump has repeatedly pointed out that the United States has rebuilt the Chinese (Communist) state. This statement is indeed spot on and right on the mark. But more seriously, the price paid by the United States is that it has almost destroyed itself. The specific people responsible for the destruction of this building is the old Bush, Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama four former presidents.

The United States destroyed itself first in the moral and conscience of the fall.

America is not an ordinary country. The sages on the Mayflower came to the New World in defense of their faith, vowing to build a new nation of moral rectitude, manifest justice and constitutional democracy. What made America different was that its founding spirit included a strong belief in God, which meant following a divinely ordained moral code. The United States is “exceptional” because God has given it a special mission and responsibility along with its favor.

As a beacon of freedom and democracy, America is morally strong, which means that it cannot turn a blind eye or a deaf ear when totalitarian tyranny does evil to its people. As President Reagan said, as long as sin and evil exist in the world, America is commanded by the Bible and God to confront it with all its might. [58] With extraordinary moral courage and strong conviction, President Reagan led the free world to send the Soviet Communist Empire of Evil to the dustbin of history, earning America universally recognized glory.

However, President Bush Sr. was quick to discard this glory. After the Tiananmen Massacre, instead of decisively ending his appeasement of the Chinese Communist Party, he sympathized with the dictator and was weak in his so-called sanctions against the Chinese Communist tyranny, helping the Chinese Communist Party to pass the crisis peacefully. A morally and conscientiously degenerate America is inevitably on the decline.

Clinton has contributed most to the rebuilding of the Communist Party. His “brilliance” was to rationalize and justify helping the Communist Party. He copied his campaign slogan “It’s economy, stupid.” to the Chinese Communist Party, claiming that economic trade could turn the Communist Party to democracy, and since then, the U.S. appeasement policy has had a “noble” justification. If Bush Sr. was still a little uneasy about the Chinese Communist Party’s high-handedness, Clinton was no longer ashamed of her tyranny with the Chinese Communist Party.

By permanently decoupling trade and human rights and helping the CCP join the WTO, Clinton has removed the moral line of America’s dealings with the CCP tyranny. Under Clinton’s rule, the United States developed a social climate of general acceptance of the CCP as a normal country and trading partner. Lured by the CCP’s cheap labor and huge market, U.S. companies were no longer afraid to deal with the bad human rights villains and were eager and comfortable to invest in the Gold rush. The Chinese Communist tyranny has taken advantage of the U.S. and the West’s status as the world’s factory to make a fortune in a carefree and stifling manner, and foreign exchange reserves have skyrocketed. Some U.S. companies such as Yahoo and Cisco have even sold out their conscience and aided and abetted the tyranny by complying with local laws. Some have jokingly claimed that the founding father of the Communist country was actually Clinton.

In a speech in 1983, President Reagan said, “A militarily and economically powerful America is not enough. The world needs to see an America that has ideas and vision and is morally strong. That’s what the American people want. That’s the source of our fearlessness and our accomplishments. For us, it’s values we value.” [59]

But it was not values that Clinton valued over moral economic interests. When human rights ceased to be a core value of U.S. foreign policy, the foundations of America’s national identity were thus shaken. America began to deteriorate at an accelerated pace.

Bush Jr. continued his degeneration in values, continuing the policies of Clinton. He ignored the Chinese Communist Party’s repression of Tibetan monks who peacefully petitioned the Chinese government and the horrific crime of live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners, and insisted on attending the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing to support the Communist tyranny. Because he was so busy fighting terrorism, Bush Jr. took a completely permissive, even encouraging, attitude toward the real axis of evil, the Chinese Communist Party. His Secretary of State Colin Powell once said that the CCP was nothing more than a few more shelves at Wal-Mart for the United States. Add to this the fact that by then the CCP had blended into the WTO, and the eight years of Bush Jr. were a period of so-called strategic opportunity that the Communists relished, with its economic power expanding so rapidly that it was able to counterbalance and buy off the United States.

It is important to note here that while the United States does not consider the CCP an enemy, the CCP has never considered the United States a friend. No matter how much goodwill Jiang Zhongzheng released during the Communist negotiations, the CCP’s goal of subverting the legitimate government remained the same. By the same token, no matter how friendly the United States is to the CCP, the CCP always sees it as a great threat to its own security. The CCP understands that once the U.S., as the leader and superpower of the free world, comes to its senses and changes course to counterattack, the CCP will be unable to resist. Therefore, the CCP must take advantage of the strategic opportunity to take care of the United States while it is asleep. And once the U.S. is taken care of, the whole world can be taken care of.