Xi Jinping’s old trick again? Hua Chunying spills dirty water again

For the first Time, WHO Director-General Tan Desai publicly admitted that the source of the Chinese communist viruses (Wuhan virus and New Coronavirus) that are raging around the world cannot be ruled out to have leaked from the Wuhan virus laboratory. He also said that the WHO mission to Wuhan, China, to investigate the source of the disease had been blocked from obtaining data in China and further investigation was needed.

On the 30th, the EU issued a statement imposing anti-dumping duties on imports of aluminum alloy profiles from China at rates ranging from 21.2% to 32.1%. The statement said this is another example of the EU’s commitment to ensure that EU industries can compete on a level playing field and protect jobs.

The Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) passed amendments to Annexes I and II of the Hong Kong Basic Law on 30, and CPC leader Xi Jinping signed an order to change Hong Kong’s electoral system. This means that the free space for Hong Kong’s pan-democrats has been tightened again.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force announced on the 30th that the Aegis ship Kongo and the U.S. Seventh Fleet flagship USS Blue Ridge jointly conducted tactical training in the East China Sea. In addition, Japan and Indonesia held 2+2 talks in Tokyo on the 30th. The two sides expressed their intention to strengthen security cooperation agreements and sign an agreement to promote the transfer of defense equipment and technology between them. The Central News Agency pointed out that this is a “saber-rattling move” by Japan and Indonesia against the Chinese Communist Party.

On the 30th, Burma’s ethnic minority rebel forces said they would take up arms again in the face of army brutality. The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) fears that the situation in Burma may be heading toward a full-scale civil war. At least 500 civilians have been massacred since the Feb. 1 military coup.

As of 3:00 p.m. EST on March 30, there were 468,340 new confirmed cases of the CCP virus worldwide, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 128,629,991 and the total number of deaths to 2,818,779.

Let’s move on to today’s topic.

U.S.-China relations are in a steady downward phase, and the Chinese Communist Party’s diplomatic war wolves are once again smearing the U.S. side for creating unrest in Xinjiang. But the Chinese Communist Party leader will attend the Boao Forum and attend a U.S.-China dialogue event, making Xi’s meeting with Biden a little clearer again. But the outside world still believes Xi is the root cause of the U.S.-China conflict.

U.S. Creating Unrest in Xinjiang? Hua Chunying Pours Dirty Water Again

At the 30th regular press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, a foreign media reporter asked the question “Does China have evidence that the U.S. is creating unrest in Xinjiang”.

This time the female War Wolf Hua Chunying took off her Nike, Adidas and other foreign brand name clothing and changed into a formal dress. Hua did not directly answer whether the Chinese Communist Party had evidence, she kicked the ball to the U.S. side. She said the Communist Party had shown a video on the 26th in which former U.S. Army Colonel Wilkerson “personally admitted” that the U.S. had motives for creating unrest in Xinjiang.

Hua asked rhetorically, “So did they do it or not? I think that’s a question best left to the U.S. side to answer.” She also told the media that “you are very good at research” and could do a “follow-up, continuous investigative report”.

I think anyone with a normal mind can understand what Auntie Wah is saying. I talked about this on the show last Saturday (26th), and Wilkerson explained to Free Asia that day that it was a strategic hypothesis. And there is also the issue of the context in which it was said, and to take what was said in a particular context is to take it out of context with an ulterior motive.

Now that Big Mother Hua is once again doing what she did, I can’t be sure if this approach by War Wolf Hua is from Xi Jinping’s original intention. If it is, then it means Xi Jinping no longer wants to restore US-China relations and wants to break the pot. If not, then it is likely that someone is deliberately digging a hole for Xi Jinping, or is deliberately stirring up trouble. I do have such a feeling because there is an expected move by the CCP.

The U.S. and China want to talk again Xi Jinping’s old tactics?

Boao Forum for Asia Secretary-General Li Baodong said in Beijing on 30 April that the Chinese Communist Party leaders will travel to Hainan in April to attend the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum. Li Baodong did not specify which end of the seven giants the Chinese Communist Party leader is.

Looking at past history, since 2012, only in 2017 was then-CCP Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attended once, and the rest of the time, Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang took turns attending. The last annual meeting was attended by Li Keqiang, and if this CCP practice is followed, overseas Chinese media believe that it is likely to be Xi Jinping who attends the opening ceremony this time. But who it will be will be revealed during the conference from April 18 to 21.

According to Li Baodong, the CCP leaders attending the opening ceremony will also participate in a number of activities. During the period, they will meet with members of the forum’s board of directors and business representatives, as well as attend events related to the U.S.-China dialogue.

If it is Xi Jinping who attends the Boao Forum and attends the relevant U.S.-China dialogue, there is an article behind this. We are not sure who the U.S. side is attending the Boao Forum or what kind of dialogue will take place between the U.S. and China. But Xi Jinping’s presence at the U.S.-China dialogue at such a time clearly serves a purpose.

It is predictable that Xi should have a speech when he is there. So is it possible that President Xi will take the opportunity to shout at the U.S.?

At the Boao Forum in 2018, Xi Jinping had a speech at the opening ceremony and announced “four major opening measures.” He said that China would “substantially liberalize market access”; “create a more attractive investment environment”; “strengthen intellectual property protection”; and “proactively Expanding imports”.

Those who understand the background of the U.S.-China trade war should know that these four measures announced by Xi are in fact repeatedly requested by the Trump administration. The U.S. side asked the CCP to adjust its structural policies, but the CCP ignored it, so the U.S. side was forced to launch tariff sanctions. Xi Jinping’s speech at that time was made in this context.

In the outside world’s view, that move by Xi Jinping at that time was a shout-out to the U.S. side, with the implication of bowing down and giving in. Trump later responded to Xi’s speech in a tweet, saying that Xi’s speech was “friendly”.

Of course, the Chinese Communist Party made promises at the time, but nothing has been delivered since. It is in the nature of the CCP that lies and deception are part of the CCP’s means of rule. No matter what the result is, the CCP is able to deceive as much as it can. So we can’t rule out the possibility that the CCP will do the same thing again at this Boao Forum.

If we are right and Xi takes this opportunity to shout at the U.S., then we will have to pay attention to the next move between the U.S. and China, which is the meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping.

Will the Xi-Biden meeting take place? The confrontation between China and the West is still difficult to change

On the 26th, Biden had told reporters that he had invited Chinese and Russian leaders Xi Jinping and Putin to this year’s global climate change summit. Although he has not yet spoken directly with the two, both Xi and Putin already know that “they are invited”.

Biden is very interested in the climate summit he will host on April 22 and 23, and has already invited dozens of world leaders to attend. No response has been seen from China, which has not commented on whether Xi Jinping will attend the climate summit.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, China has proposed holding a “Xi meeting” via video during the summit. It is normal and probably urgent for Xi Jinping to have this idea. The current U.S.-China confrontation is not good for the Chinese Communist Party, nor is it good for Xi himself.

For a simple example, the Western multinational coalition has now imposed sanctions on the Chinese Communist Party because of its human rights violations. Then the CCP stirred up national sentiment by boycotting foreign branded clothing.

But today, Hua Chunying said something rather “soft” about the boycott. She said, “The feelings and positions of the Chinese people have been expressed very clearly over the past few days. I noticed that many companies have made clarifications, including the BCI Shanghai office, which also issued a statement,” saying that the rights and wrongs of the matter are very clear.

In response to these remarks by Auntie Hua, the Hong Kong media tasted the implication that the CCP’s anger “seems to have subsided”. In other words, the wave of boycotts instigated by the Chinese Communist Party is likely to die down. Continuing the boycott will only exacerbate the confrontation between the Communist Party and the West.

U.S. media reported that Biden said in a phone call with British Prime Minister Johnson that democratic countries also need an infrastructure plan to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s “Belt and Road. If this is true, it is a situation Xi Jinping would very much not want to see, and he does not want to push the Biden Administration to a more Anti-Communist point. We can wait and see if this is the case.

The Biden administration, on the other hand, has not revealed anything about whether the Xi-Biden meeting will take place, and has been tight-lipped. In fact, Biden may also have the will to hold a summit with Xi Jinping. Biden has repeatedly said that the relationship with the Chinese Communist Party is one of “cooperation” and “confrontation. He put “cooperation” first and “confrontation” second.

Given the current situation between the U.S. and China, there are not many issues that the two sides can sit down and talk about. But addressing climate change is one of the few common issues between the two sides. And Biden has invited Xi Jinping to a climate summit, so the two are likely to hold a video summit “on the way”.

That’s the only way to better understand Xi’s intention to attend the U.S.-China dialogue event. It’s as if two people who are estranged from each other will have an inevitable meeting. In order not to make the meeting too awkward, both sides may have some gestures of goodwill in advance. Xi Jinping’s presence at the U.S.-China dialogue is likely to carry this intent.

Whether or not Biden and Xi will hold a summit in April, we’ll have to keep watching. But even if Biden and Xi have a meeting, U.S.-China relations are likely to be difficult to turn around.

French newspaper Le Monde says the Chinese Communist Party has agreed to a 25-year “comprehensive cooperation plan” with Iran. Although the details are not yet clear, this is a challenge to the United States. Whether on human rights, Taiwan or Iran, the gap between Beijing and Washington and the European Union is deepening.

Democrat Wang Juntao believes that Xi Jinping is at the root of the confrontation between the United States and other Western countries and the Chinese Communist Party. Xi Jinping is “the root cause of the U.S.-China confrontation” and has “pulled down the iron curtain” for the confrontation between China and the West.

Wang Juntao told VOA that Xi Jinping wants to return to the Communist Party and lead the world after solving China’s problems in a communist way. Meanwhile, Xi’s approach to international affairs has taken the form of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. This unchanging posture has led to a full-scale crossfire in the entire U.S.-China, East-West relations.

Musk to China next month, Congress to investigate tesla

After being accused of “spying” by the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese military has banned Tesla’s vehicles from entering military facilities. Even some local hospitals have posted notices banning Teslas from their facilities.

Despite Tesla CEO Musk’s public statements that Tesla will not spy in China or anywhere else. But the Chinese Communist Party’s retaliation against the U.S. is still focused on Tesla. For this reason Musk may have to go to China to solve the problem.

According to the mainland media sources cited by Vantage.com, Musk may have to visit China next month. I don’t know how well Musk will communicate with the Chinese side. I hope he can communicate with the Chinese side normally, but this expectation is not high.

I hope Tesla can make its business better and better, but I don’t want it to compromise with the Chinese Communist Party. Because compromising with the Chinese Communist Party, it may get some benefits temporarily, but in the long run, Tesla may have more trouble. Because after being caught by the CCP, the CCP will keep making all kinds of unreasonable demands, dragging people to the abyss step by step.

According to Xun Zhang, a U.S. business investment consultant, the Chinese Communist government has been making legal and political demands on all companies in its territory, including U.S. companies. If the U.S.-China political relationship had not fallen apart, the CCP might have been able to turn a blind eye. But now that the Chinese Communist Party is becoming more aggressive, U.S. companies are having a “very difficult time” caught between the U.S. and China, where political tensions are high.

Zhang Xun told VOA that foreign companies will inevitably become “tools, puppets and props” for the Communist government to show that it can manipulate the West and thus control the world. In this case, the Chinese Communist Party will not hesitate to demonstrate its control, and foreign companies “will be caught in the middle and have a hard time doing anything. “It’s better to leave China before the technology is stolen.”

It’s clear to outsiders that Musk’s early exit from mainland China is the best policy as the U.S.-China confrontation becomes more apparent. Otherwise, Musk and his business will only be in more and more trouble.

In fact, Musk’s troubles are emerging little by little, not only in mainland China, but also in the United States. The U.S. Congress has found “serious problems” with SpaceX, which Musk founded, and is asking for an investigation.

According to Taiwan media reports, because SpaceX unmanned rocket starship three test flights have exploded accidentally, the U.S. House of Representatives Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is concerned that this will cause safety hazards to nearby residents and infrastructure.

Last week, House Transportation Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio and Aviation Subcommittee Representative Rick Larson sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration. The letter said it was disappointing that the FAA “has refused to review” the industry’s high risk and has taken no form of enforcement action.

The letter revealed that the committee had reviewed two months of SpaceX launches and found “a number of serious issues to be addressed.

According to public information, SpaceX had three test flights in December last year and in February and March this year. Musk has a dream to build a starship and complete the colonization of Mars. But three accidental explosions have been a setback to his dream.

The committee did not reveal what the “serious problem” was that needed to be addressed, but whatever the problem was, it was not good for Musk.

I don’t know what to make of these three explosions. Some people may think it happened by accident, and that there is no such thing as a wet shoe when you walk on the river. I do not deny this possibility. But the technology of SpaceX, if it is a technical problem, after the first explosion, should be able to find out the technical problems and solve them, should not be repeatedly and repeatedly explode.

But the strange thing is that SpaceX is really exploding again and again and again. We can’t help but admit that there are some very subtle and hard to tell things in this world. As a reminder, I have always said that the Chinese Communist Party is the devil, and whoever gets close to the Chinese Communist Party is in more trouble. We don’t want SpaceX to fill in the facts for us again. I hope Musk and SpaceX can solve the problem sooner and get rid of all the troublesome entanglements.

Choking Challenge to Brain Death TikTok Kills Another Life

Here is an example for you to see how harmful the Chinese Communist Party is. The New York Post today quoted Fox as reporting that a 12-year-old boy in Colorado lost consciousness and was declared brain dead by doctors after he used a shoelace to strangle himself in a “choking challenge” game. The “choking challenge” game is a TikTok hit.

The boy’s name was Joshua, and his father described Joshua as a frequent user of social media, which helped him learn and develop interests such as cooking and guitar performance.

But while Joshua was exposed to these positive things, he was also exposed to the dangerous side of TikTok. That’s where the “Choking Challenge” came into play. It’s a scary game where the challenger has to hold his or her breath for as long as possible.

Joshua, at the age of 12, was so mesmerized by this game that he strangled himself with his shoelaces. His twin brother found Joshua, who had collapsed, on the bathroom floor. His father described Joshua as a warrior, often doing this challenge.

Looking at Joshua lying in bed, his father felt his heart break. He knew his son was drifting away, but he still didn’t want to give up. He told the media that children using social media “need to be advised” because “it’s a very serious thing.

It’s not even a joke,” he said. The seriousness of this is the equivalent of someone pointing a gun at you.”

Before Joshua, there was a similar incident in Italy. On Jan. 20, a 10-year-old girl did the same “choking challenge” game. She locked herself in the bathroom and strangled herself with the waistband of her bathrobe, while recording a video on her cell phone. Her 5-year-old sister was the first to find her unconscious sister, and the adults then took the child to the hospital, but she eventually died.

According to the girl’s Parents, they were completely unaware that their daughter had taken part in this challenge, and had registered for TikTok in order to watch the video and dance, not expecting this to happen in the end.

TikTok, a product of Beijing Byte Jumping Company, its twin brother is the mainland’s Jitterbug. And ByteDance is recruiting people to develop chips for the Chinese Communist Party. I wonder how many more people they will help the Chinese Communist Party harm.

Deadly Red Fire Ant Infestation Needs Careful Response

Those on the mainland should be extra careful. Red fire ants have been found in 435 counties (cities and districts) in 12 provinces, both rural and urban. This red fire ant not only causes serious crop yield loss, but more seriously, it can also harm people and livestock, and may even be fatal.

According to mainland media reports, the area invaded by red fire ants is continuing to expand further north and west. It has now invaded Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Xiaogan, Hubei, Yuzhong, Chongqing and Guangyuan, Sichuan, as far north as near the Qinling area.

One citizen was bitten by red fire ants and first developed a red rash that gradually spread throughout his body. Dizziness, vomiting, chest tightness, breathing difficulties and even shock occurred at the same time.

Professor Lu Yongyue, director of the Red Fire Ant Research Center at South China Agricultural University, said that the venom of red fire ants includes water-soluble proteins, ant acids, alkaloids and so on. People who are bitten will have pain like burns, followed by blisters and pus, and serious cases of allergy or even shock, resulting in death.

It is known that red fire ants are one of the 100 most dangerous invasive species. They can directly feed on the roots, stems, leaves, fruits and underground parts of crops, and can directly harm more than fifty kinds of crops such as soybeans, corn, vegetables, citrus, etc., causing crop yield reduction. The yield of soybeans can be reduced by more than 20%, mung beans by more than 30%, and potatoes and sweet potatoes by more than 30%.

In addition, the incidence of pests and diseases in areas where red fire ants occur is 50% or even 80% worse than in areas without red fire ants.

The first report of red fire ants on the continent was in 2004, and the situation has become more severe with each year. Especially in the last five years, the damage area has doubled compared to 2016. It has appeared in urban parks and green spaces, farmland, woodlands and other public areas.

Red fire ants also bite farmers and cause loss of land, and in recent years there have been cases of ants besieging villages and biting people and animals in many parts of the mainland.

In 2020, the media in Nanning, Guangxi reported that red fire ants were found in some parks, neighborhoods and lawns in the city. Many people were attacked by red fire ants, some were allergic after being bitten, some had swollen feet for three days after being bitten, etc.

Baosteel employees jumped into the steel water suicide only because of 60,000 yuan?

30 Baosteel Steel Pipe Company issued a statement “to prove their innocence”, claiming that on March 24, “jumped into the blast furnace steel” Wang Long is a suicide. The statement quoted workers, so far unmarried Wang Long’s introverted personality. Long-term purchase of futures and stocks, the day of the incident loss of more than 60,000 yuan. Baosteel Steel Tube Company therefore suspects that Wang Long’s suicide may be due to the large amount of losses and debts.

The official statement is heavily colored to clear suspicion, but netizens are not convinced. But in the face of the reporter’s inquiry, the local police and Baosteel Group office is “not convenient to disclose”, no comment.

Baosteel Steel Pipe Company said in a statement that Wang Long disappeared during the night shift on March 24. Surveillance video shows that night at 10:54, Wang Long in the No. 7 converter fire door, the first helmet and gloves thrown down the slag channel, and then jumped into the slag tank to his death.

The Internet is circulating a 15-second video, recording the process of Wang Long’s light life. The video shows that Wang Long walked to the operating No. 7 converter slag spout, standing at the mouth of the furnace, probe to look inside. Then he took off the hat on his head, walked a few steps towards the furnace mouth, and then looked in the probe. After a few seconds of hesitation, jumped into the blast furnace, the mouth of the furnace instantly gushed a large fire and black smoke. The melting temperature of steel is 1,150 degrees Celsius, and the temperature of steel is generally higher.

To the reason given by the authorities, mainland netizens said, “Baosteel dumped the pot on ‘introvert, unmarried so far, speculation’, or that state-owned enterprise’s way of doing things back then.” “Is the truth of the matter really as Baogang has stated or is there another hidden agenda? I hope to investigate clearly in detail!” “Should also investigate whether there is any conflict with the leadership?”

Some netizens also questioned, “Does this have anything to do with introversion?” “Introversion and unmarried are guilty labels?”

Wang Long’s move is quite shocking. Judging from his actions in the film, Wang Long probably went through a thought struggle, which is why he twice probed to look inside and hesitated in between. But in the end he went away.

I can’t imagine how desperate a young man in his thirties should be to choose this “most tragic form of suicide.” Is this really the only reason behind the 60,000 yuan? If “unmarried” is counted as a reason, one has to ask: what caused him to remain unmarried? Have you ever seen a man with a lot of money jump into the steel water?

Living under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party is not substantially different from living in North Korea, where human life is as fragile and humble as grass.

North Korean soldiers are paid more than $4 a month and are often “abused” by Food

On the 30th, the Korea Military Human Rights Center released the results of a survey on the human rights situation of North Korean soldiers. The results show that the human rights situation of North Korean soldiers is so bad that one out of every four soldiers has witnessed a public execution.

In fact, I have also witnessed public executions. When I used to work at a mainland television station, the local public security forces held a public sentencing conference. A colleague and I went to conduct an interview and then also followed to the execution site to watch the execution.

I won’t go into the details, but it was horrible and had a great impact on me. For a long time after that, that horrible scene was often reflected in my mind, and I was even afraid to stay in the room by myself for a period of time. So think about how big the psychological impact was. And North Korea is using this huge psychological impact to create a psychological fear in people to not dare to have a single resistance.

United Press reported that among the North Korean residents who will enter South Korea from July 2019 to June 2020, there were 30 people who had served in the military in North Korea. The Military Human Rights Center then did a survey on this group. The results showed that eight of them had witnessed public executions during their military service, and the percentage was 26.7%.

According to the survey, of the seven cases with clear memory on the specific day, the period of execution of public executions was three in the 1990s, three in the 2000s and one in the 2010s.

In addition, North Korea has a compulsory military service system for men, and all eligible men are required to serve for 10 years compulsorily. Women, on the other hand, can voluntarily enlist for seven years. Military personnel are not guaranteed leave or pay. Only one of the interviewees answered that they had taken a leave of absence.

The monthly salary of North Korean officers is so low that they cannot buy 1 kilogram of rice, the market price of which is 5,000 won, or about 126 NTD, 29.04 RMB, or about 4.4 USD.

With such a low income, you can imagine how poor the conditions of North Korean soldiers are. Earlier, I read a report about the North Korean soldiers standing guard at Panmunjom on the border between North Korea and South Korea. At the time, I thought it was ridiculous, but now that I think about it, it was probably the real story.

According to an article in Martin Says History, a North Korean soldier who has stood guard at Panmunjom for 12 years said, “What is the hardest part of standing guard here? Sometimes when there are no more tourists, the South Korean soldier takes out a chocolate pie and deliberately eats it very slowly, chews it slowly, and then stares at us without looking away.”

Some netizens called the South Korean soldier’s action “food abuse”.