Hua Chunying “physically very honest” playing tennis suspected full set of foreign goods

The Chinese Communist Party has officially promoted a wave of boycotts of foreign goods, with well-known brands such as H&M, Nike, adidas, UNIQLO and other multinational companies becoming targets of boycotts by Chinese netizens because they have stated that they refuse to use “Xinjiang cotton”, which involves forced labor. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying, who is said to be one of the representative figures of the Chinese Communist Party’s rogue diplomacy, has also frequently made harsh remarks in this regard recently, but some netizens have dug up photos of Hua Chunying’s full-body outfit for playing tennis in the past, questioning whether she is only “saying one thing but being physically honest”.

According to the Free Times, photos of Hua Chunying participating in the “Public Servant Cup” tennis team tournament of the central state organs in 2018 were circulated on Twitter, and at the Time, Xinhua, the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, had strongly touted Hua’s “improving level” since she first came into contact with tennis in 2013.

The sharp-eyed netizens found that the racket Hua Chunying was holding was an American brand “Wilson”, the jersey had three lines suspected to be sponsored by adidas, and the shoes were not clear in the photo, but they did not look like the domestic “Li Ning brand”.

Previously, as a representative of the so-called “War Wolf” in the acting world, Wu Jing was also found to be using an American cell phone brand iPhone, surrounded by “pinkies” and also mocked by the calm onlookers, “Why not use huawei ah! The “Why don’t you use Huawei?” “Bitchy, how many bullets do you want to make for the enemy with this phone? We Chinese do not eat this set, please hurry to change Huawei, or you are false patriotism, true rare (traitor).”

In addition, following the national boycott of Swedish clothing brand H&M, Chinese netizens have directed their anger at sporting goods giant Nike, and some artists have even cut their brand endorsements in a hurry. But the sports world has been quiet and has not followed the boycott campaign.

The Central News Agency explained that this is because Nike has been sponsoring the Chinese sports scene for a long time and can be said to be sitting on half of the world.