Vaccination slogan on the hot search

At the beginning of this year, the Chinese people complained about the fee for the new domestic vaccine, but now, even if the vaccination is free, the response has been lukewarm. Local officials are trying to accomplish this “political task” by using all sorts of tactics, such as not being allowed to go to work, go Home, or stay in a hotel without the vaccine, and the bizarre slogans have made their way onto the Internet, which is mind-boggling.

According to the latest Chinese official announcement on March 24, the number of vaccinations for the new crown vaccine is more than 80 million, and many people have expressed doubts about the safety of the domestic vaccine, so the rate of vaccination for the domestic vaccine is not as fast as the authorities expected. Local officials, on the other hand, are trying every possible way to urge people to get vaccinated, even resorting to disguised coercion. A notice circulating online reminds residents that starting April 6, those who have not received the new crown vaccine will be barred from entering their neighborhoods.

Ms. Liu, a resident of Daxing, Beijing, said in an interview with Radio Free Asia this Tuesday (30) that now, if you don’t get vaccinated, you are not allowed to go home: “Now, if you don’t get vaccinated, you don’t want to go to work. All units are such targets, and the higher government has given indicators to the lower officials, and when the indicators are not enough, the officials are given fewer points, or even laid off. The villages are, do not vaccinate, you do not want to go home, the police put the door.”

“Brainwashing” type propaganda called ludicrous

Hospitals, schools, streets and alleys, and rural homes have all kinds of strange banners hanging outside urging people to get vaccinated, and CCTV hosts have taken the lead in singing the altered song “Learn to Catcall”, “Let’s get vaccinated together, together with Miao Miao Miao Miao”, which has become a hit on the Internet and a microblogging hot search. Banners encouraging vaccination include “There are millions of roads to vaccination, vaccination is the first one”, “Whoever receives vaccination will be safe as soon as possible” and “Those who do not receive vaccination will suffer”. Some netizens have ridiculed such “brainwashing” propaganda, which is laughable.

Mr. Chen, a commentator on current affairs in Guangdong, said to the station, “People are skeptical about the safety of vaccines, and many of them are afraid to get vaccinated. Since the May Fourth Movement, China has been particularly fond of such banners, which are programmatic and agitational, and have become a symbol of collective popular action. In this centralized system, unified thinking and unified action is agitated by such banners.”

Chongqing Xiaokang Group issued a notice requesting all units to strictly implement vaccination in accordance with the principle of “receiving as many vaccinations as possible” from the height of “politics”.

Local officials ignore the safety of vaccines just to keep their official positions

The scholar in Sichuan, Gu Ming, told the station that there is also a transfer of interests behind the vaccination: “He has a big reason for vaccination, a fart from the top, the following will be chaotic, so it is very ridiculous. There is also a very complicated interest relationship between him, between the vaccine providing department and the government, between the units, he has a lot of interests.”

Zhang Hai, a Family member of a pneumonia victim in Wuhan, told the station that he has also seen signs and banners for vaccination in many areas recently: “It’s all mandatory vaccination, and in many places vaccination is bundled with health codes, so why are officials everywhere so active, because it’s about official positions. Local officials are not responsible for the people.”

Wu Zunyou, chief scientist at the CDC, explained in a public forum last week that the low number of vaccinations in China is due to the large population base. He admitted that the mainland public has doubts about domestic vaccines. So far, more than a dozen people have died in Hong Kong after receiving the domestic vaccine, and the exact cause is still under investigation.