This year happens to be the worst year

I am a person who does not like to cry, today after work on the side of the road to buy kielbasa, queued for half an hour, to my Time no more, suddenly emotional outburst did not hold back the tears.

A word to describe themselves is: 28 years old, female. No house, no car, no savings. This year happens to be the worst year ever.

After graduating from college to work in a first-tier city. Now a month’s salary after tax more than 6,000. After graduation in a few years in the administrative sales of new media clips have done. University read the professional niche, 90% of classmates after graduation have changed careers.

The Family is pressing for Marriage very tightly, often call is a indiscriminate scolding. My boyfriend is the fourth year of college when I met online, very good to me, because I graduated and I went to Shenzhen together. But he did not have a clear statement on the matter of marriage. The company has been together for seven years, he chased me, but also he broke up during the New Year. I didn’t say what the reason was, so I said we broke up, you deleted me. I thought for half a day, there are a lot of things to say, and finally gave in to his wish to delete him.

Just graduated from those years to save money is particularly difficult, because to work overtime, can only rent in the neighborhood. I am more of a bun, not too willing to share a room, the cheapest partitioned room one thousand five, I rented a thousand eight, not too soundproof, water and electricity property management fees add up to about two thousand two to two thousand five. The electricity bill burns faster, the weather is hot and humid, more than 30 degrees all year round, you have to open the air conditioning.

Colleagues will often call on me to eat lunch together, in the Science and Technology Park below the often go to the Hei Jia De 28, pork corner rice 29, He Fu fish noodles 36.

Basically moonlight, after the age of 25 began to consciously save money. Began to cook their own meals to take to the company, usually rarely buy wear. Each month, a fixed deposit of 2K.

The result of P2P lightning, tens of thousands of dollars of savings are gone. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

Every time I see online and in my circle of friends there are houses and cars and children, and I receive thousands of dollars in transfer gifts for the holidays, I get anxious. Often hear relatives working in Shenzhen, what HR monthly income of more than 2W or selling medical equipment monthly income of more than 50,000.
Feel the worst around their own mix.

After the breakup of the whole night sleepless, confused and helpless, can not find a real friend to tell. A large amount of hair loss, overeating. People anxiety can not, simply can not be empty to think about things, hear the sad song can not help but fall into tears, a day hiking five kilometers and then walk back to ease a little bit.

The atmosphere of our group in the company has always been not good. It’s a bit gloomy, we never chat a word in the group, and there is no mandatory requirement to go to the dinner. The team leader has always set the KPi particularly outrageous. Most of the people could not survive the resignation one after another, and then sent me a message saying: really change the company is comfortable.

The team leader kept slipping me other people’s workload and let me handle it without saying a word. Send me a message at two o’clock in the middle of the night. Then the team leader was fired because of the personal stuff. A new team leader was replaced with a new team leader who turned out to be the archrival of the previous group. In this company’s third year still did not get any good days.

Thinking about these years I have not been any sincere friends, most of my friends are only good for that period.

The company has met a particularly good friend. Always in her space and circle of friends QUE to me that is the best bestie. Her family is better than mine, mom civil servant, dad is a small official, there are several sets of houses, when she is late for work every day for ten or twenty minutes, I am waiting for her.

She said a word, accompany her online, accompany her shopping. The premise is to wait for her makeup half an hour, I was another colleague people are more direct, directly said I was a tool people.

I suddenly realized that my position is not quite right, I will remember her birthday in advance, prepare a bunch, she will be more than a week late to send a much worse small gift.

The last straw was because one Sunday she let go to pick her up, she said she went to the company’s Netflix party, we all have a thousand or eight hundred fans to go. The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a couple of hundred fans, and then you’ll be able to tell me that she has 100,000 views in everyone. The other people are also several thousand fans.

I said I was looking for a replacement to buy a Fleur de Lis face wash, much cheaper. She said she only bought it from the official website, and that it was impossible to verify the authenticity of the purchase and other stores. I said: I watched the variety show, the celebrities also look for the proxy ah. She said the star’s shopping and ordinary people’s shopping is not the same, it is a special agent, only for them to buy the oh.

Suddenly realized that she may not really be very considerate of my feelings. The words must be held, or we must find a way to refute back. It was never very balanced, and it broke off contact.

I think of a saying that people do their best just to live.

Because of the glasses, no one may see me shed tears, and feel better after crying.