Harbin “electric tiger” brothers have a hundred luxury cars, 69 sets of real estate

A few days ago, details of the corrupt and huge properties of Li Wei, former deputy director of the Harbin Electricity Bureau of the Communist Party of China, and Li Tong, former general manager of Harbin Electric Power Industry Group Corporation, were exposed. The Li brothers are alleged to own hundreds of luxury cars worth nearly 100 million yuan, 69 sets of properties and nearly 1 billion (RMB, the same below) in seized cash.

Public information shows that in 2010, Li Wei was the assistant director of the Harbin Electricity Bureau and general manager of Harbin Electric Power Industry Group Company. Three years later, Li Wei became deputy director of the Harbin Electric Bureau, and Li Tong took over as general manager of Harbin Electric Power Industry Group Inc.

On the evening of March 29, a feature film in the Chinese Communist Party‘s official media disclosed that Li Wei’s private assets include Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Hummer, limited edition Chrysler Beast of Prey, limited edition vintage car Queen Kwangangang, hundreds of luxury cars worth nearly 100 million yuan in total. Li Tong’s collection, on the other hand, includes a blue-bottomed python robe from the Qing Dynasty, a green-colored dragon on a yellow ground diamond-mouthed plate from the Yongzheng era of the Qing Dynasty, a large bowl with flowers in pastel colors from the Qianlong era, and a stone-glazed pastel vase.

The report said that in addition to luxury cars and antiques, the Li brothers also have a luxury dock in the Songhua River, and owns as many as 69 sets of property. These 69 sets of 55 sets in Harbin, distributed in 26 neighborhoods, accumulated 800 million in property.

The Li brothers’ properties and vehicles were purchased directly with cash, and the brothers were seized with nearly one billion in cash (including bank deposits).

In October 2018, the Li brothers were investigated.

In 2018, many electricity-using enterprises in Harbin reported that they were hindered in the process of using, running and connecting electricity, and there was also the phenomenon of being stuck with electricity in some residential communities in Harbin.

The feature film claims that during Li Wei’s tenure, public bidding became his personal designation. Whenever a developer applied for electricity supply, Li Wei would first assign the matching fee project to a subordinate company, Harbin Electric Power Industry Group Company, which was taken over by Li Tong. After Li Tong got the project, he would subcontract out, and most of these projects were given to their third brother, Li Jian.

The Li brothers subcontracted matching fee projects totaling more than 3.16 billion yuan, monopolizing 77% of the local power system through illegal means.

According to the feature film, the three Li brothers were suspected of a total of 24 criminal offenses, including intentional injury and mobbing.2020 On August 24, Li Wei, Li Tong and 21 others were tried at the Harbin Central Court.2020 On October 30, Li Wei and Li Tong were both sentenced to a suspended death sentence.

In this case, more than 30 public officials in Harbin were filed for review and investigation, and 64 people in the power system were held accountable.

The case of the three Li brothers, which triggered the mainland netizens to criticize bitterly, “just the tip of the iceberg.” “The subtle rules of the electric tiger.” “Suggest that the country’s electric power system are investigated.” “The two brothers have made the power bureau into a front yard and back factory, and certain local departments are seriously negligent.” “Northeast in recent years, the economy has been in serious decline, are hollowed out by these officials.” “The worst crime, put the bottom of the jail!”