In Hegang, some leave, some stay

The real estate license is a placebo, which makes you feel solid. After a few hot searches because of low housing prices, the small northeastern city of Hegang is gradually leaving the public eye, but the houses in Hegang are selling more and more red hot.

After the Lantern Festival, Liang Yunpeng received a number of field calls one after another. 2021 lunar year the first batch of foreign buyers are heading to Hegang, he needs to prepare to receive them to see the house.

Liang Yunpeng has been a real estate agent in Hegang for seven years, and two years ago the buying tide used to make his income grow by about 10,000 a month. He said that this year’s business is not as lively as the previous two years, but he does not think it is because of fewer buyers, but more people doing intermediary business. before 2019, plus him, there are only four or five agents in Hegang. Today, there are 20 to 30 agents on the same street as him. Others don’t even have a storefront and are selling houses on Shake, “selling with a bang.”

Part of all this heat is because of a young man named Xu Kang, who spent 30,000 yuan to buy a house in Hegang in October 2019, and after a few months, sold it for another 22,000 yuan. The suite was bought from Liang Yunpeng.

Xu Kang was 27 years old, and left his Home in Hubei when he was 13, and never went back after that. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.

At 3 o’clock that night, Xu Kang took a train from Lhasa to Xi’an, and then took a plane from Xi’an to Harbin, and then a bus to Hegang. He opened a post in the “wandering bar”, graphic live he will buy a house in Hegang, which makes him get off at Hegang station, there is already a camera waiting for him. He found Liang Yunpeng and bought the first house he looked at.

Xu Kang wanted to buy a house for a long Time, in 2012 he went to Xinjiang Kullu, as soon as the train, the head-on sand immediately blew away his idea of buying a house, he turned around and left. Hegang the house is not much good, the top floor, the wall has a large gray and black mold, there are signs of leakage, but he felt that he could have a home.

After buying the house, Xu Kang went back to Lhasa. He thought about finding a job in Hegang, but in Lhasa to help cook a month can earn 6000 yuan, Hegang do the same job a month up to 2500, can not support his spending on games. During the New Year, the property called him and said that his house was leaking and affecting the tenants downstairs. Too far away, he could not go over to solve, sighing into the phone, “at that time, I think buying a house is even a home, but looking back, you do not live, just put it away, it is still home? “

In February 2020, Xu Kang decided to sell the house.

Xiaodong, from Henan, looked at Xu Kang’s house. Xiao Dong was born in 1996, working in Xiamen construction site, a monthly salary of 4,000 yuan. Xiao Dong did not bargain much, Xu Kang himself to the price down. He likes to look posh. With Xiaodong’s house money Xu Kang paid off the Internet loan, and borrowed 13,000 yuan to buy himself a 36,000 yuan Omega watch. At one time, he took that treasure blue dial as his WeChat avatar.

In order to sell the house, Xiaodong and Xu Kang met in Hegang. Xiao Dong went around the house and said happily, “It’s good, it’s good. “That kind of satisfaction, and a few months ago Xu Kang first saw the house. Xu Kang also saw that the little Dong in front of him was just like himself when he first arrived in Hegang a few months ago. Neither of them had the possibility to buy a house in their place of residence, and they both wanted a home.

The story of Xu Kang selling his house at a low price has been on the news again, and netizens have started to make fun of people who bought houses in Hegang for making money-losing deals, and finally became “leeks” harvested by the housing market. But Liang Yunpeng does not think so, he feels that buying and selling houses is Xu Kang’s personal behavior, which does not reflect the situation in Hegang. He found that the heat of Hegang has passed, social media rarely see the discussion, but, Hegang houses are sold more and more red hot.


Zheng Qian, a Guangdong native, was supposed to come to Hegang to buy a house, but he started selling his house here.

On the short video platform, you are able to find Zheng Qian quickly. His video plays had reached the level of ten million, in Hegang a number of video bloggers ranked in the forefront. He is 27 years old, has been to Guangzhou, Xiamen and Kunming, all think the price of housing is too expensive. in November 2019, after seeing the report of the price of housing in Hegang, he flew from Guangzhou to Harbin and then to Hegang, that month spent 40,000 to buy a suite, handling 8000, decoration 50,000, ready appliances, the whole house 100,000 yuan. “For this house I spent almost all my savings, but later I do not have to spend the rent ah. “Zheng Qian said, “I think the house should have been the price, not millions, tens of millions, can not afford to buy. “

Live in Hegang, he sent a video online, want to rely on video for their clothing Taobao store with goods, did not expect the goods did not become, the few viewers but brought up the matter of buying a house. He gradually felt the way, live house every day, 6 hours, look at three or four neighborhoods, a live broadcast can have more than 100,000 people watching.

Since May last year, Zheng Qian can sell nearly 20 sets of houses every month. “Because of the Epidemic, many people work no more, the business yellow, they will think, or I cheap engage in a house, at least a protection. “

Most of what he sold were cheap houses. In the live broadcast, he said “there is no high-tech industry and industry here in Hegang”, said “The local blogger was not happy, and sent a video saying that Zheng Qian was disparaging Hegang. People keep sending private messages to Zheng Qian, “You send tens of thousands of dollars of houses every day, why not go to the European Garden? How not to go to shoot the Times Square (both are higher prices of the community)? “One day, live, a local blogger appeared, with a cell phone camera aimed at Zheng Qian,” this is Zheng Qian, Guangdong over to buy a house. “Zheng Qian got angry,” you shoot again I’ll smash your phone! “Two people quarrel. That was the first time Zheng Qian felt that he had not been accepted by the city.

This local blogger is also selling houses, Zheng Qian felt that the locals can not tolerate outsiders to get a piece of the pie and “try everything to get you”. He sold more vigorously, some buyers are not willing to come to Hegang, he remotely for them to purchase the house. The buyer opens a power of attorney, Zheng goes to the Housing Authority for formalities, and then sends the keys and documents to the homeowner. 80% of his listings are sold this way, and sometimes he can send the keys to six suites a day.

Zheng Qian feels that the people who buy houses from him are a bit like him: they are all distant from their families of origin. One girl told him that her Family had a three-story villa, but she didn’t have a good relationship with her Parents and didn’t want to go home, “It’s my dad’s house, not mine. “She would rather buy herself a suite in Hegang, which is far from home. There are also people from Shenzhen, preferring to pay more than 1,000 yuan in taxes rather than ask their parents for a household registration book to do the procedure. Zheng Qian is the same, he never mentioned to his parents about buying a house in Hegang, came here alone and decided to settle. He does not think much of that home in Guangdong.

Those who bought houses for themselves in Hegang through live, will not come to live in Hegang in the short term, “in Hegang, either start your own business or do some work on line. The salary for sitting here is only about two thousand, how to live? You may live a very poor Life after buying a house, there is no point. “His customers live a twocity life, buy a house in Hegang, work in the North, this property card is a placebo, not practical significance, but it makes you feel solid.


On the map, Hegang looks like a bird with open wings, surrounded by the Heilongjiang River, the Songhua River and the Xiaoxinganling Mountains. It is the hometown of Heshui Nuijin, the birthplace of the Manchurian royal family, and what makes it more famous is coal.

Liang Yunpeng remembers the good old days of Hegang. He was born in the 1980s, twenty-four or twenty-five years old, caught the most prosperous time of Hegang coal, coal prices can reach 1000 yuan per ton, miners can get 20,000 per month, “and coal-related work, can earn a fortune “, he found a job transporting coal for the heat company, transporting five cars of coal every day, two months to earn 30,000 yuan. The money comes easily, the restaurant along the street is full of people, outside parked with luxury cars, everyone is the “boss”. “You go to the restaurant to eat 500 yuan, have to give 520, the rest is a tip. Take a taxi for 6 yuan, you give 10 yuan, do not have to find. “

Hegang’s housing prices also rose in a boom, peaking in 2012 with urban housing prices of 5,000 yuan per square foot, also in this year, Hegang’s GDP reached a peak – 35.36 billion yuan. However, due to the gradual depletion of major mines, Hegang has been identified by the National Development and Reform Commission as one of the third batch of 25 resource-depleted cities in 2011. The cost of mining coal mines is rising, while the price of coal is constantly depressed. The coal group could not pay wages, and the bar street, which was never open, was choked with lights, and it was pitch black at night. Liang Yunpeng’s coal transport business can not do, but he aimed at a business opportunity. “Hegang is very small, the bosses of the money strung around, resulting in a lot of triangular debt. Developers found no money after building, they mortgage the building, or low price. “Bank acquisition of the house can not be sold, in the winter of 2014, Liang Yunpeng opened a called” Yunpeng real estate “The real estate agent.

His office is only 70 square meters, the roof leaks all year round, black water marks crawl all over the four walls, the sofa is the landlord sent. The earliest, looking for him to buy a house is the local young people in Hegang, thirty years old, in the age of family, buy a house is just a need, want to live better, or a larger house for the children to go to school. Just when the Hegang shantytown transformation, after demolition, many families will be divided into shanty houses, more houses, but continuous population outflow, housing prices fell from 5000 to 2500 yuan.

Hegang’s house prices smashed, the news was first dispersed in the forum of 58 same city website. The first group of foreign house buyers walked into Liang Yunpeng’s agency in the summer of 2018. They came running to bottom out, buying in bulk, hoping to seize the opportunity to make money.

A Shanxi boss, with a dozen people, entered Liang Yunpeng’s office in great numbers, telling him that he needed to buy two buildings as an investment, “After a while, we’ll fire up the prices. “This plan fell through because of the lack of housing, and that boss ended up buying 10 sets of houses, each between 40 and 60 thousand, which he distributed to his employees as year-end benefits. Come winter, they would come over en masse for vacation.

The second wave of home buyers came in April 2019 when the low price of houses in Hegang hit the news. They are mostly southerners who are old and want to buy a house here for their retirement. In their view, Hegang has heating, much better than most places in the south in the winter, and they specifically pick one or two floors to facilitate future outings.

In October of that year, seafarer Li Hai bought a 50,000 yuan house in Hegang, he told the whole process in the wandering bar, which attracted the attention of the media, people began to notice that the low prices of Hegang took in a group of disillusioned people.

A Jiangxi man approached Liang Yunpeng to buy a house. He worked in an auto factory in Nanjing, responsible for screwing the screws on the car’s power pump. He said his father did not work and kept asking him and his sister for money, he never had his own house, always lived in the semi-basement, screwing for 10 years to save 400,000, was cheated 300,000 under the banner of financing. “I do not buy this house again, 100,000 yuan is gone. “He said that Hegang is the last place he escaped his fate.

There was also a Taiwanese man who called Liang Yunpeng and wanted to buy a bungalow of 20,000 to 30,000. Waiting for him to come back to live when he is 60 or 70 years old. Liang Yunpeng said, Hegang bungalow are stripped, there is no 20,000 to 30,000 houses, the other party is not willing, want to choose a first floor. Liang Yunpeng advised him to reconsider, Taiwan is so far away, you do not come to see the house, can not see what to do? But the other party still wants to buy.

“They just want (to buy a house), I do not understand. “Liang Yunpeng said,” did not think the house is so important, Hegang the city has always been more comfortable, everyone has a house, no one has worried about buying a house, just thinking about how to Earn money, fill their bellies on the line. “

And the tenants talk more, he slowly understand their intentions, “difficult conditions, really want to have a sense of home. More money, but also understand, their monthly wages of 20,000 to 30,000, spend a month or two of wages to buy a suite, winter snow, summer heat. “

Liang Yunpeng has its own way of hospitality. Buyers to Hegang, he will drive his own car to the station to pick up, take people around to see the house during the day, and take them to eat the famous meat skewers in Hegang at night. Buy house tide just rise that time, only a few days to one or two foreigners, and then every day to the people can fill a car, every day to eat meat skewers, “are to me to eat disgusting”. The busiest time, every month there are 50 to 60 foreigners to him.

Liang Yunpeng statistics have two figures, 60% and 60,000 – 60% of people looking for him to buy a house, will limit the budget to less than 60,000. They have read the news and think that Hegang houses only sell for 20,000 to 30,000 and 60,000 is the ceiling. They are increasingly asking for more, not the top floor, an area of about 60 square feet, and with decoration. “Where there are so many cabbages to pick up? Hegang’s house prices are low, but not so low as to be excessive. “Liang Yunpeng said, but the buyers do not believe, take out the news to him, “this is not who who bought it? “

Liang Yunpeng said that the buyers want low prices, some of the rooms do not have the house book, he did not dare to sell. But the bloggers in the short video platform live selling houses bold, with the house book no house book house adulterated to sell. He also registered a shake account, send out house videos, and finally only 300 fans, he was discouraged, and let it go.

Most of the buyers are like migratory birds, in Hegang only a short stay. Liang Yunpeng said goodbye to many people, they always say, come back in a few years. Hegang for them is a suite there, some people can not even remember their house in which a building. When they left, Liang Yunpeng helped to take care of them, he had a set of keys in his pocket, who had a leaky pipe, who had a roof soaked with snow, it was Liang Yunpeng who did it. They also entrusted Liang Yunpeng to rent out the house, earning four or five hundred dollars a month, can offset the heating bill. If not rented out, no one lives in the heating bill also have to pay, even if the report stopped, but also to pay 300 yuan. The house has become a liability for them.

Except for real estate agents, locals hardly feel the arrival of foreigners. A cab driver said, “Are those reported on the news true or not? I haven’t even seen many foreigners. “A friend asked Liang Yunpeng,” they outsiders to buy houses in Hegang, is to put the urn with? “

Liang Yunpeng waved his hand, “Which has! Are used to live, there is no such thing. “


I heard that the “famous” Xu Kang to leave, Hegang’s leaders asked him to have a meal in a local restaurant. The meal also has several Hegang’s self media, we sit around chatting, “to discuss the propaganda house price thing. At that time, a full year had passed since Hegang’s house prices were hotly debated in April 2019.

Xue Baohe was also present that day, a film actor and principal of a local civil service training school. In the past, young people in Hegang either went to coal mines or did small businesses, and after the recession, they turned to aspire to enter the civil service. Enrollment in Xue Baohe’s school is getting better, but they are all over 27 years old. Younger people left Hegang.

Xue Baohe recalls that meeting, “They wanted Xu Kang to talk in an interview about how good Hegang was, with its wide streets, tall buildings, perfect infrastructure and comfortable days “, he said, “but there was no mention of employment for foreigners, children’s schooling, what support there is for taxation, and whether there would be a green channel for transfer. “

Xue Baohe pulled Xu Kang, persuaded him to stay, “Hegang is very tolerant, before the liberation, it is a very cultural city, not a barbaric place, want to stay? “Leaders also advised, “come to Hegang, you can consider moving to move, what difficulties to tell us, now Hegang is a net red city, to create an image for you to see, to everyone to see. “

Xue Baohe is 40 years old, tall and strong, wearing black-framed eyes, with a face of the trademark beard. Speaking of Hegang, he always raises his head. His home is on the edge of the crane factory, as a child he saw workers steaming into the factory, to the 1990s, and they hustled out of the factory, laid off. Plant demolition, open space into a parking lot, factory road weeds grow to waist-high. When workers are no longer a good way out, boys to learn chef, auto mechanics, girls to learn hairdressing, parents always say, learn well, later leave Hegang.

Xue Baohe did not want to leave Hegang, he found a job in Hegang TV, but after a diabetes, he quit his job, running crews around the country, living in Harbin, occasionally back to Hegang. Every time he went to a crew, he recommended Hegang to the director. 2018, he took the same Hegang director Geng Jun and art director, to Hegang abandoned factory scenes, shooting the film “Northeast Tiger”. “I took those old scenes that we had living in our heads and used basically everything we could. Just think that one day these (buildings) may all be gone, the movie still remains inside. “But the film’s release was constantly postponed; it was also the year he and his good friend Liu Wei applied to the local government to leave the Junde Industrial Zone. A year later, the buildings rich in age were still demolished one by one because of urban construction. Liu Wei had proposed to the government to build a community park, the program was rejected because of the poor financial situation, “there are too few young people in Hegang, they are not willing to spend money to build a park where no one goes. “Xue Baohe also has a friend set up an e-commerce center, want to bring goods for Hegang through live, Hegang is surrounded by forests, producing mushrooms, honey, hazelnuts and pine nuts, but the cost of transport is too high, some tossing and turning, still can not compete to send express cheaper other cities, the operator is still holding on, but has lost confidence in e-commerce.

After these failures, he felt that housing prices are the new bright spot in Hegang, he hopes that those foreigners can see the beauty of Hegang, stay, “like Xu Kang such people, we are ow welcome, foreigners to more, eat a meal, buy something, the city can live up. “But he also knows,” Hegang this environment, for people in business and in the initial working people, in fact, quite tormented. “


A Guanyin Bodhisattva is located in Hegang’s zero kilometer square, glowing Gold. Every foreigner who comes to settle in Hegang will climb up the mountain and touch the golden Bodhisattva’s rosette, signifying the opening of a new life.

Liang Yunpeng roughly calculate, from his hands to buy a house of foreigners at least 300 people, stay but more than 30 people. He rarely meets them on the streets of Hegang, they hide in their respective houses, speculating in stocks, writing novels, ghostwriting games, opening Taobao stores. All these occupations can work remotely.

Li Hai, who brought a round of boom to Hegang because of his own experience of buying a house, also stayed. He occasionally sits in Liang Yunpeng’s store to ask for some experience in buying a house. Liang Yunpeng said that Li Hai also sell houses. The netizens trust Li Hai more than Liang Yunpeng, and hope to buy a house in Hegang through him.

Liang Yunpeng feels that something has changed in Li Hai, and it seems to have not changed. He remembers the first time he saw Li Hai, in October 2019, it was raining lightly, Li Hai dressed in loose clothes, came out of an Internet cafe, mute, introverted and often silent. Liang Yunpeng thought to himself that he must be an Internet-addicted teenager who had run away from home. Because buy a house, the two gradually acquainted, not to say friends, there is no heartfelt conversation, but Liang Yunpeng noticed that the last few times and Li Hai met, he no longer slightly bowed back, smile a little more, “he became a lot more relaxed. “Liang Yunpeng said. In January this year, Hegang snow, Li Hai photographed the snow on the road, shoot themselves into the nest to play games, shoot to buy meat skewers and fruit. His photos rarely showed people, only one, an old man, standing, looking far away from the snow-covered bridge.

Liang Yunpeng asked a few buyers who stayed in Hegang, live still accustomed to? Someone told him, “Here alone, it’s too lonely. “

Liang Yunpeng has helped them find jobs. Newspapers are recruiting waiters, decorators, salesmen ads, but foreigners feel that the money is too little, the base salary is only more than 1000. Accent is also a problem, Liang Yunpeng encouraged a young man from Sichuan to follow him to sell houses, a week later the other party resigned, “can not understand, it is too much effort to call. “

But if you no longer have wild hopes for the future, Hegang is a comfortable small town. Time is slow, the streets are mostly old people, walking slowly with their hands behind their backs. The bulletin boards outside the neighborhoods are plastered with information about homes for sale, with thick layers of pasteboard glued on. Like all small towns, there are night markets, parks, fitness centers, and a large shopping mall, prices are not high, 50 cents a catty for watermelon and 1 dollar a catty for eggplant. In the zero kilometer square, old people dance duo, young people play basketball, the sky is blue and the air is cool. Farther away, a trapezoidal concrete pillar stands, people look forward to the high-speed rail sooner built, can change the face of Hegang.

Some people leave, some people stay; Xu Kang left, Zheng Qian stayed. Zheng Qian’s house next to the new Hong Lake, to Hegang that day, in time for the snow, the lake trees hanging full of ice strips, hanging down, “crystal like, I think it’s so beautiful”. On New Year’s Eve, neighbors knocked on his door and invited him over for a drink, and they gathered around a hot pot and ate fish and chicken. Zheng Qian feels that this small town is gradually giving him the feeling of home.

Every night at 8 p.m., he runs around the neighborhood. When the lake is frozen, he steps on it and skates alone. “I used to work in front of the computer, look at the leader’s face every day, and after work colleagues have to call to eat snacks and drink, very tired. Here you don’t need to spend a lot of effort to maintain various social relationships, more time you are on your own, very free. “He said,” at least I live or quite happy, as long as the future does not happen anything big, basically will always live here. “

According to the 13th five-year demolition plan, 2020 is the last year of China’s five-year demolition and renovation. from 2021, there will be no more new relocation houses in Hegang, Zheng Qian said, adding that the more than 10,000 relocation houses now vacant can be sold for another six months to a year. With the limited number, the price of houses in Hegang may rise.

But Liang Yunpeng is not optimistic about this. He remembers that the hottest neighborhood in Hegang has only gone up by 1,000 in five years. “Hegang’s house price speculation can not rise, speculation is high and no one buys. People just buy because it is cheap here, the price is expensive who come here ah? “

The last six months, Liang Yunpeng no longer received from the “wandering bar” people. They seem to have more choices.

People who have no money, still want a home, they will look for places with lower prices. Xu Kang, for example, after selling his house, still keeps a close eye on the price trends of other resource-depleted cities on his phone every day, with Fuxin, Fushun and Huainan in his search history. Hegang is a hint: there are many small cities that keep their house prices low, and that is their last hope to buy a house. “80 square meters, 20,000, 95 square meters, 35,000, there are so many cheap places ……” Xu Kang scratched and pulled the housing effects on his phone, “not just Hegang, not just Hegang, I’m sure I can still buy a house later. “

But this moment, he is still in Lhasa, weekdays at work, the rest of the day to the Dazhao Monastery, the sun is bright, the crowd worship, he felt comfortable and calm. “I used to think that renting a house is considered floating, living in a dormitory is also considered floating, those places are short-lived landing place. The real home is when you buy a house, the 70-year property rights written on it, is your home forever. “Xu Kang said,” but later found that, whether I bought a house in Lhasa or not, it is also my home. “