A boss is rumored to be arrested Taobao Pindo have shelved the overseas version of the game

On the evening of the 29th, the internet went crazy with the news that overseas versions of games had been shelved across the mainland, allegedly because a big store owner had been arrested for alleged “smuggling”, and overseas versions of game consoles and cassettes had been shelved on Taobao and Jindo and other e-commerce platforms. It’s unclear whether this is related to the current wave of boycotts against the West, or whether it’s just a coincidence.

The famous mainland single-player game portal “Youmin Xingkong” sent a message on the evening of 29th, some netizens reflected that the domestic e-commerce platform has massively shelved overseas games, and the number of overseas games and related hosts sold on Taobao and other platforms has been reduced by a considerable amount.

The media, after checking, found that some stores (such as Creative Video Games, Video Games Bus East China General Store) currently have only a small number of games sold, many stores are also unable to search for NS and other game consoles in the category.

At the same Time, many netizens on Weibo have left messages saying that overseas versions of game cassettes and consoles have been taken off the shelves.

“How suddenly Taobao and Poundland games all off the shelves … and what wind this is.”

“You can’t shelve nike what’s shelving switch ps5 game console what do you mean?

‘???? What is the situation, Taobao above the game store how are off the shelves to only the national line ????’

“Today Taobao has a lot of stores selling game consoles are off the shelves, who knows what’s going on?”

“Absolutely, the whole network in addition to the national line of games are suddenly off the shelves [dirt] too bad it”

“The group said that non-national game cassettes and machines are off the shelves, I thought it was a joke, to Taobao to see often buy a few stores really all the goods off the shelves, including ns, ps and xbox”

Taobao merchants off the shelves of overseas versions of the game. (Screenshot)

Mainland netizens spit out the game was removed from the shelves. (screenshot composite)

At the same time, the Internet also spread the news, a big store boss suspected of “smuggling” overseas version of the game was arrested by the Shenzhen anti-smuggling team, the warehouse was sealed, resulting in downstream game vendors have to shelve products to avoid being implicated.

The net rumor is that the owner of a big store was arrested. (Web screenshot)

It is unclear whether this wave of overseas game shelves is related to the current boycott of overseas brands, or is simply a sudden incident.