1.5 Million U.S. Doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine Delivered to Canada March 30

This is the first Time that Canada has received vaccine from a U.S. manufacturer of a new coronavirus vaccine. Because the manufacturer of the vaccine has not yet been approved by health Canada, the vaccine will need to be stored in a warehouse in Canada until it has been reviewed and approved by Canadian drug regulators before it can be released for use.

  The U.S. government has a policy of prohibiting the export of vaccines produced by U.S.-based COVID-19 virus vaccine manufacturers to other countries. But with the United States on track to complete universal vaccination of the population ahead of schedule, the Biden administration has said it is considering how to supply the new coronavirus vaccine to Canada and Mexico, two of the continent’s neighbors.

  As of Thursday, March 25, Canada had received a total of 6.1 million copies of the COVID-19 virus vaccine from the three major vaccine manufacturers, Pfizer, Modena and AstraZeneca.

  Pfizer has pledged to deliver at least 1 million doses of the new coronavirus vaccine to Canada each week from now until the end of May, while Modena has pledged to deliver 855,000 and 1.2 million doses of the new coronavirus vaccine to Canada on April 5 and April 19, respectively.

  The Indian pharmaceutical company’s original commitment to deliver 150 doses of NIV vaccine to Canada was suspended. The Indian government is taking steps to increase vaccination efforts by pooling Indian vaccine resources in response to the sudden worsening of the NCCV pneumonia outbreak in the country.