The “grandparents” have robbed Harbin to run the road race before the start of the supplies are gone

The Chinese boycott trend continues to grow, but it seems that there is a new target for the local boycott, and that is the cheap “grandparents”. A Chinese netizen shared that the territory of the “grandparents” all kinds of relying on the elderly behavior, domestic and foreign reputation as infamous, so that the young generation can not help but cry out, educated to gain respect.

Netizens first took the local marathon held in Harbin, China, as an example, obviously not yet started, but the athletes’ supplies were grabbed by a group of passing “grandparents”. Netizens described the scene as “ghosts entering the village”, insisting that it was a water delivery event, they went forward to sweep the drinking water and Food, and even though they were stopped by the staff, the elderly still turned a deaf ear and had no intention of stopping, leaving the scene a wreck.

However, such behavior does not stop, ranging from cheap vegetables, eggs, mineral water, etc., harmless household items and expanded to the seats, the ground, and any public resources that seem to allow people to take advantage of.

Netizens pointed out that the first oil paper umbrella style exhibition held in Shijiazhuang in 2018 had the same instance. The colorful umbrellas in the exhibition were a beautiful sight, but not long after they were maintained, they were climbed by the grandparents and demolished with their bare hands; there was also an incident on a bus in Suzhou, where an old lady took up three seats in a row, not only not yielding to those who really needed it, but also taking out a fan as a gesture to chase each other.

Some netizens even said, these old people out of the country, they become a world public hazard. Last year, the first China International Import Expo, the big moms mouth gripping hands, up to the madness of every stall with a taste of the sweep, so that the foreigners present are frequently shaking their heads, and even a staff member from Europe told reporters that they read countless, never seen such impolite, uncivilized visitors, even poor as Africa has never seen; German Chinese Yang Pechang in a cruise ship travel abroad, more begging These grandparents do not go abroad again, causing widespread discussion.

In this regard, netizens are puzzled “whether it is the elderly who have become bad, or the bad guys who have become old?” The netizens were taught to respect the old and love the young, but in front of the old and bullying, I really do not know how this respect should be placed, in the growing greed and bullying, how far away from the evil; netizens mentioned in the article, “old my old, as well as people’s old “Although the Chinese people promote the tradition of “respect for the elderly” but should not become a low-quality old man’s get out of jail free card, want to get the respect of others, relying on not just age, but deep in the bones of the upbringing.