Confirmed cases spike in Europe, France in ‘critical’ condition, city closures expanded again

France, Belgium, and Poland today tightened their Epidemic prevention restrictions following a surge in cases of the European Newcastle pneumonia outbreak (Chinese Communist virus, COVID-19).

AFP reports that France admits that the situation is “critical” and that in addition to the 16 departments where strict restrictions were originally implemented, three more departments have been added to tighten controls. A total of 20 million people in France now live in highly infected areas, including the greater Paris area, and residents of these areas are not allowed to leave their homes for more than 10 kilometers without an important reason.

France has almost doubled the number of confirmed cases in a single day since the beginning of the month, with more than 200,000 cases added each week, but that won’t stop people from going out tonight to attend a demonstration concert in central Paris.

Across the English Channel in the United Kingdom, the situation is quite the opposite, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson vowing to implement a plan to lift the closure, and the days of people going out for drinks and haircuts seemingly not far away.

Johnson said the government’s success in implementing a major vaccination program and pro-business policies will speed up economic recovery, and “in a few days, I’ll be able to get a haircut.

After Wales takes the lead in lifting travel restrictions today, from 29, England will also relax its Home orders, allowing groups of up to six people to meet outdoors.

The government plans to allow drinking in outdoor areas of pubs from April 12, and non-essential retail businesses such as barbershops will be allowed to resume operations.

In other European countries, Belgium will close all commercial activities involving non-medical physical contact from now on, and businesses offering “non-essential” services will only be able to accommodate customers with prior appointments.

In Poland, nurseries, playgrounds, furniture stores, DIY stores, beauty salons and barbershops have been closed. Social safety distance norms for places of worship have been changed from a maximum of one person per 15 square meters to one person per 20 square meters.