Thai poor girl found pearls in the conch, cancer mother’s medical expenses hope

The incident happened on January 30. The woman, Kodchakorn Tantiwiwatkul, bought a coconut swirl snail (Melo melo) at the market for 70 baht (about $2.30) to serve as a dinner dish.

When she was slicing the meat of the snail, she was shocked to find an orange sphere inside the shell, which she originally thought was a stone, but when she realized it was a Melo pearl, she was quite shocked.

This Melo pearl, which is 1.5 centimeters in diameter and weighs about 6 grams, may bring her a small fortune, depending on its quality.

Fearing that the Melo pearl would be taken back by the shopkeeper, Kotchakorn and her Family have not made it public, but she now intends to sell it in order to raise money for her mother’s medical expenses.

Kotchakorn’s father pointed out that they are short of money because his wife was diagnosed with cancer and the cost of her treatment is over 1 million baht (about $30,000), so the bead is the family’s only hope.

The family hopes to find a buyer willing to pay a reasonable price for the beads.

I’ve read about other people who have found merlot beads and sold them,” added Kouchakorn. I hope we can do the same, because the money will be very helpful.”

On Jan. 27, a 37-year-old poor fisherman in Thailand’s Nakhon Si Thammarat province found a merlot pearl on the beach worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that, like winning the lottery, could dramatically improve his family’s Life. Interestingly, he picked up the pearl because a mysterious old man called him in a dream to go to the beach.

Merlot pearls are natural pearls that still cannot be cultivated by artificial Culture and are mainly found on the coasts of Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in Southeast Asia. The color of these pearls ranges from orange, tan to brown, with orange being the most valuable.