The momentum of joining hands to fight against thieves has become irreversible for the CPC

Although a week earlier, the U.S. dialogue with the Chinese Communist regime in Alaska gave the Communist war wolves ample opportunity to put on a show, allowing them to have a good Time under the guiding ideology that the U.S. government is a good bully. However, on March 21, the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada unanimously announced that they would impose sanctions on the human rights villains among CCP officials, and other joint actions made it clear that the momentum of democratic countries joining hands to fight against the thieves has been formed, and no matter how hard the CCP tries, it cannot be reversed.

Because of the political system of checks and balances in democratic countries, everything must be coordinated and rigorous, and cannot be made too efficient. It is clear that this sanctions action plan did not start two months ago, but is a continuation of Pompeo‘s many trips last year to coordinate and reach consensus. It is easy to see that the Chinese Communist Party‘s years of undermining the international civilizational order and corrupting the free world through unification and foreign propaganda have caused a chain reaction internationally. The democratic countries have gone from demanding diplomatic reciprocity to joining hands to fight back, which is only the first step of the inevitable reaction. It is believed that the situation will move forward step by step, in a roundabout way.

Of course, it seems that the Chinese Communist Party did not show any weakness, and immediately retaliated with counter-sanctions against the EU sanctions. However, if we look at the core contents of the sanctions in democratic countries: freezing property, banning immigration, refusing to issue visas, and prohibiting multinational companies in the financial system from doing business with the sanctioned individuals, their companies and Family members, etc., the only so-called “anti-sanctions” means that the CCP can use is to deny them visas to China. As we all know, the European and American officials who are “counter-sanctioned” by the Chinese Communist Party are unlikely to have any intention of emigrating to China, nor will they keep their assets in China. Therefore, all the other elements of the Chinese side are useless. In fact, the Chinese Communist Party itself is well aware of this point, so why did it still react violently? On the one hand, the sanctions from Europe and the United States hit a sore spot for the CCP, and on the other hand, it wanted to pull the people as a shield and incite and exploit narrow nationalist sentiments, both to divert domestic conflicts and to save a bit of face for its own swollen face. As a result, such a move by the CCP is like ‘monkeys learning to walk’, just adding to the joke.

As more and more Chinese people are waking up, the CCP can only control online speech by censoring posts and threatening people at Home to make the world believe that the CCP still has a large number of supporters in China. Until we know how much opposition there is and how many of the so-called “supporters” on the Internet are deliberately arranged by the CCP, it is inaccurate to judge the content of the speech allowed to remain on the Internet by the Ministry of Truth.

In fact, what the general public can see is the result of a long gestation of the diplomatic and foreign policy shift of a major country, but the real battle between the two countries has already started privately at the beginning of the gestation. As far as I know, in order to prevent the international community from forming an Anti-Communist alliance or even an alliance to destroy the Communist Party, the Chinese Communist Party has almost exerted all its efforts and used all the agents it could to exert influence, in a vain attempt to make the formation of a democratic alliance aborted.

In short, God’s will cannot be disobeyed. In the past few decades, the CCP had the opportunity to take the human path and bring China into the ranks of modern civilization. Unfortunately, it has been running naked along the path of ghosts. Now, with the wrath of God and man, the momentum for the destruction of the Communist Party has become irreversible. Although we cannot expect “sanctions” to solve China’s dictatorship, what we should and can do is to join hands with all civilized and progressive countries and people, seize the historical opportunity, and try to eradicate the Chinese Communist dictatorship from the earth and send it to hell as soon as possible. Only in this way can we assist the Chinese people in truly liberating themselves from the clutches of dictatorship as soon as possible, allowing the Chinese people to live a normal Life, and allowing the world to eradicate the waves of various scourges caused by the totalitarian communist dictatorship.