HR1 Bill: Democrats Push HR1 Bill Aiming to Rig U.S. Elections

Senior U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently wrote in an article on the Epoch Times News website that the Democrats’ HR1 bill, which they call the “For the People Act,” should actually be called the “Corrupt Politicians Act. The purpose of the bill is to fundamentally change the U.S. electoral system, thus paving the way for the far left to manipulate elections.

The following is a translation of his article.

Democrats just rammed through a $1.9 trillion stimulus bill full of pork spending and liberalized pet projects. Now they are moving to fundamentally change our electoral system in an attempt to lock in majorities at all levels of government for decades to come.

Democrats call this bill the “For the People Act” or H.R. 1, but a more appropriate name would be the “Corrupt Politicians Act” because it is a bill designed to be owned by, governed by and for politicians.

Why is this bill perhaps the most dangerous piece of legislation we have seen in decades? Here are a few of the countless reasons.

The bill repeals state election laws and puts Washington in charge instead. It repeals countless election integrity laws, including voter ID laws in Texas and other states, and replaces them with a series of new laws negotiated by Democratic operatives and left-wing radicals. And the actual reason is that last fall, Republicans won control of the national legislature. Democrats were so irritated by that that they are now trying to use their control of the federal government to eliminate common-sense election laws in the states.

The bill undermines Americans’ right to vote by expanding the voting privileges of illegal immigrants and felons. The bill requires voting by virtually everyone in the country, regardless of eligibility. The bill in turn prohibits states from preserving the integrity of their voting rights or from striking out dead votes, and allows felons to vote. It would effectively repeal state and local election laws enacted by the people through their representatives and allow millions of felons, non-citizens or illegal immigrants to decide who runs our federal government.

The bill legalizes election fraud and officially allows absentee voting. The bill requires states to allow full, no-excuse mail-in voting while stripping states of their ability to ensure the legitimacy of their ballots. For example, the bill makes it impossible for states to verify voter identification documents and nearly impossible to require authentication of signatures without the consent of Democrats. In addition, it allows Democratic operatives to collect and submit ballots without restriction, which opens the door to widespread fraud. And, even if those ballots arrived 10 days after Election Day, they would still need to be counted.

It provides millions of dollars in federal funds to Democratic campaigns and candidates. The law will provide federal benefits to politicians; it provides a 6-to-1 public subsidy for small grassroots contributions. For every $1 raised by politicians, they receive $6 from the federal government. So the $200 you donate to an eligible candidate will actually become a $1,200 donation from the federal government. Democrats always talk about the important goal of getting small donations. It turns out that what they really want is to cut federal spending for their campaigns.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos Market Research poll found that 39 percent of Americans believe the 2020 presidential election is rigged. This view is not just held by Republican voters. 31 percent of independents and 17 percent of Democrats share this view.

This is tragic and dangerous for the future of our Republic.

And, it will only get worse if this Corrupt Politicians Act is signed into law. This bill will undermine the American people’s faith in our democracy for the foreseeable future because it is designed to serve the radical left’s interest in rigging future elections.

I am certain of this: Protecting the integrity of our elections and the right of the American people to vote will continue to be a major focus of elected officials in Washington and across the country. While Congress may consider some common-sense proposals, the Constitution requires that these states ensure that our elections are safe and secure and that the voting rights of all law-abiding Americans are protected.

This bill is not designed to protect the right to vote. In fact, it is a dangerous and savage partisan power grab designed by Democrats to immorally transform their current very slim majority into a larger and permanent majority so they can include the Green New Deal and other items on their highly unpopular progressive wish list, while allowing millions of illegal voters to vote will also deprive you of your constitutional right to vote.

The Democrats did not create the Corrupt Politicians Act to strengthen our electoral system or restore confidence in our democratic system, but to increase election fraud and try to ensure that they never lose an election.

We must do everything we can to stop the Corrupt Politicians Act. We must support free and fair elections and the rule of law, not surrender the future of our republic and our elections to the radical left.