Caterpillar proposes to airlift products due to the blockage of the Suez Canal waterway

Taiwan Evergreen Marine’s super-large container ship Chang Chi ran aground in the Suez Canal, completely blocking the shipping lane, making the global supply chain, which has already been hit by the Epidemic, encounter further challenges, and companies around the world are taking contingency plans. Among them, the Swedish furniture chain store Ikea (Ikea) said that it is considering different options to ensure that the supply of products, including wooden beds and sofas, is adequate. It is reported that the heavy machinery manufacturer Callepillar (Caterpillar) to consider the need to air cargo.

However, the shipping industry pointed out that air transport is not a feasible solution, and cited the example of a single long Chi, which carries 20,000 containers, has been equivalent to 2,500 Boeing 747 freighter capacity.

The Suez Canal is the most direct route between Europe and Asia, with about 13% of global seaborne trade passing through it, mainly oil, grain, and containers carrying machinery, auto parts, clothing and furniture. According to shipping service company Leth Agencies, as of Friday (26), the number of cargo ships waiting to enter the canal jumped to 237 from 156 on Thursday (25).

As for the global large shipping companies including Maersk (AP Moller-Maersk) and Hapag-Lloyd is considering the container ship around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, but some transport companies also believe that may not be worth the loss, mainly because the channel is not familiar with, may also encounter pirates, and will increase transport Time, if the Suez Canal in 8 to 10 days to resume navigation, then the loss may More.