Another beautiful sight! Barack Obama publicly shells the US president, and it’s a great scene.

Out sooner or later, you have to pay back.

After defeating Hillary and entering the White House, Trump to Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Biden and other Democratic Party elite, have been launched a fierce shelling, and the words are how to damage how to come. In Trump’s view, Obama is useless generalist, Biden is old and decrepit “Sleepy Joe”, Hillary is crazy, Pelosi is a fool, only he Trump, is the real Chosen One, but also let the United States remain great, the only suitable candidate to save the United States in distress.

In the distance from November 3, less than half a month left, in order to increase the chances of winning, Trump is busy around the speech, and every day will ridicule, satirize the Democratic Party – even the microphone is broken said Hillary made.

After the end of patience, Obama finally chose to tit for tat.

CNN believes that although Obama has repeatedly publicly shelled Trump, this speech, is Obama “so far on Trump launched the most direct attack”. Trump’s presence has changed that convention, and Obama’s statements will piss off Trump.

So the question is, what did Obama say that caused such an uproar in American politics?

Obama’s attacks on Trump are in three main areas.

First, by emphasizing that Trump’s economic successes are worthless. Obama said that Trump has screwed up all the prosperous economy he inherited from him. Obama’s implication is nothing more than: before the epidemic swept the U.S., the nation’s economic strength, mainly thanks to his Obama, Trump just picked up a bargain, as for the epidemic after the U.S. economic mess, the culprit must be blamed on Trump.

But according to Trump’s rhetoric, Obama’s era of the U.S. economy and not, the reason why the U.S. epidemic will be out of control, the “culprit” is Obama – because Obama did not leave the United States sufficient medical supplies.

The final result of Trump and Obama’s incessant bickering can only make the American people a face of confusion: in the end, whose to believe?

Second, accuse Trump of public and private use. Obama stressed that Trump does not have the interest and attitude to work seriously for the United States and help others, all Trump thinks about is how to help himself and his friends, he only wants to use the presidency to improve his image. Obama, for example, said that on the issue of “how to control the epidemic in the United States”, Trump said he would not make any changes, which is incredible – can’t Trump think of how to help Americans so that other people’s relatives can survive?

Third, anger at Trump’s foreign strategy is unreasonable. According to Obama, Trump has not only changed the world’s perception of America, but also the American people’s perception of politics, and Americans have seen so much nonsense that they have forgotten what America was like.

Prior to this, Obama had repeatedly stated that if Trump continued to be in charge of the United States, what would soon be waiting for the United States would surely be a wall coming down.

But then again, in the upcoming election, the U.S. and the two parties will certainly make every effort to attack each other, Obama at this point shelling out Trump is no big deal, but it’s just another scenery. Of course, with Trump never willing to suffer the loss of character, it is inevitable that he will dislike Obama – in terms of the “war of words”, Trump has not lost anyone.

The show just keeps getting better and better.