The great thunderbolt of the Chinese communist school district has finally detonated…

A few days ago, Shanghai released the rules for the middle school exam. The boots have finally fallen on what is probably the largest school system reform ever undertaken in Shanghai.

After Shanghai released the rules of the Chinese examination, the Beijing Education Commission studied the reform of the Chinese examination system in Shanghai …… about the slow fading of the school district house, the news was discussed very enthusiastically on the domestic social media, it can be said that the school district house is walking on the road of precision blasting!


The school district house, which has been running rampant across the country, has planted a big heel in Shanghai.

The new version of Shanghai’s secondary examination rules simply put, Shanghai’s key high school admissions, will be in accordance with a principle: the best high schools in Shanghai to take out most of the enrollment, for the city, a unified fair allocation. The so-called “unified fair allocation”, that is – each key high school in Shanghai, more than half of the size of the enrollment, according to the proportion of the number of students in each district, allocated to each district. After each district gets the quota, then according to the proportion of the number of each junior high school in the Chinese examination, allocated to each junior high school.

Make sure that each district, and each school, has enough key high school spots! Make sure that the district with the higher number of middle school test takers, the more key high school spots there are! This means that many Parents who buy key high school district houses will arguably suffer a big loss.

This is not how it used to be played, it used to be played unfairly, played to pinch the top. Once Shanghai’s 58 key high schools, up first independent enrollment recruiting a 40%, a hard pinch a wave of tip; and then the city’s general examination recruiting a 30%, continue to be a hard pinch a wave; the rest of the Soup and water, and finally allocated to the districts.

According to the past pinch process – the key high school enrollment, basically the top junior high school to divide up. If you want to enter a good high school, you have to buy a top school district. If you want to buy a good school district, you will meet good teachers, you will meet good students, and you will have a higher probability of entering a better high school. And now, it is no longer allowed to pinch the top on such a large scale. More than half of the key spots are evenly dispersed among districts and schools.

Under the current admissions process – each district and each school, has the opportunity to get into a key high school.

Attention! This reform of Shanghai’s middle school entrance exam is not district-locked. Beijing and Nanjing have also played this “key high school indicators to the district, key high school indicators to the school”. However, Beijing is locked district. For example, Fengtai students can’t get into East and West City and Haidian, which have the best educational resources in Beijing, even if they break the score line. For example, Beijing Xicheng No. 4 Middle School has also recruited Fengtai students across districts, but only gives 4 places a year.

Shanghai, on the other hand, does not lock districts, but directly takes out more than half of the targets of the best schools and directly allocates each school in each district according to its number. Each school in each district, according to the ranking of the results, unified allocation.

Theoretically, as long as you get into the top 3, you will have a chance. You are the top 3 of Pudong key Jianping junior high school, I am the top 3 of Fengxian township dish middle school, we both have the same right to enter. Similar to the college entrance exam, the top 100 in Tibet, and the top 100 in Jiangsu and Shandong, although the college entrance exam scores are worlds apart, but all can enter a key university.

Although you live in Pudong 200,000 / ㎡ of school district housing, I live in the countryside of Fengxian, but the moment the Chinese examination reform, the probability of entering a good school is about the same.

See – the Gold value of the school district house, was diluted! The weight of pounding dad is reduced, and students in bad school districts have more chances to turn over.


Education and housing are being decoupled!

Why would Shanghai choose to introduce the rules of the Chinese exam reform at this node? Why would Beijing organize a study at the first opportunity after Shanghai introduced its policy? Is Beijing going to launch such a policy like Shanghai? I think it is very likely. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

In fact, these two years, almost all the policy direction are all negative school district house! We go to observe the two years of education system reform – young children to primary school / primary school to junior high school strict multi-school zoning, abolition of point recruitment, citizens with the recruitment, abolition of the lock district, key high school places for the city’s allocation ……

Did you find a very important issue? All reforms of the education system are increasing uncertainty ……

In past decades, the problem with China’s education system is that it is too certain – if you want to get into a good university, you have to get into a good high school; if you want to get into a good high school, you have to get into a good middle school and a good elementary school; if you want to get into a good middle school and a good school, you have to play with school district housing …… if you want to play with school district housing, you have to Play the bottom, play dad! The father is hard, the Family base is hard, the school district is hard; school district is hard, high school is hard; high school is hard, college is probable hard. The school district and the school district house, in fact, became the “ten million family bottom of the fight daddy club”.

The first level of the ladder is education.

A group of dads with millions of family members gathered together, seemingly monopolizing the educational resources, the actual monopoly is the first ladder of class crossing. Dad concentrated, the resources monopoly, the iron curtain on the landing, “the probability of the poor out of the noble son” is getting lower and lower. Now, the rural children to Beijing University and Tsinghua students, than 20 years ago, not a little lower, it is very illustrative. Education has become the biggest inequality trap in China.

This is clearly at odds with the core values we are currently promoting! At least on the surface, they still need to be fixed. How can we achieve common prosperity when the first avenue of upward mobility at the bottom is monopolized? The ultimate goal of the current education system reform is to break up the “daddy”.

How to break up?

It’s all about creating more uncertainty! For example, multi-school zoning, seemingly buy a school district house, but may not be zoned into the same school district; such as citizens with the same recruitment, although the money and resources, but also may not be on the private office; such as the Chinese examination reform, although on the good school district, but also may be and ordinary school district and ordinary dad’s children together ……

With uncertainty, let the house and education decoupled; with uncertainty, let the assets and education decoupled; with uncertainty, let the fight dad and upward channel decoupled – this is the future of the major trend!

Under the general trend, the school room must be progressively short!


Under the general trend of education system reform, where will school district houses go?

First, the top school district houses may cool down! The consensus on the value of school district housing is certainty. Why are people willing to pay a higher premium for the top school districts? The reason is simple – if you buy a top school district, you will most likely be able to go to a top school; and after you go to a top school, you will most likely be able to sell it at a higher price. There is certainty of schooling and certainty of income. However, now the certainty is gradually broken –

The top school district bought, a multi-school zoning, may not be on; not only not on, but also may be a restructuring, the school district is gone, the house smashed hands; even if you do not buy the top school district, may also be zoned into the top junior high school; even if not on the top junior high school, may also enter the top high school.

Certainty is broken, and parents have more choices! The consensus on the value of school district housing and the expectation of a big rise is gradually being knocked apart.

Secondly, the value of the old school district only will be greatly reduced! In the trend of cumulative increase in uncertainty of school district housing, the most impacted must be only the school district value of the old broken small. The majority of the school district old broken small have the following characteristics: broken, bad, dirty, space cramped, living comfort is almost zero, living experience is almost negative. There is no residential value, the only value is the school district. Other people old broken small, sold 10,000 / ㎡; you with school district old broken small, sold 40,000 / ㎡. The only thing that determines the 30,000 price difference lies in the fact that you have a school district.

Now you tell me that its only value – the school district, not quite sure? This is basically the equivalent of – shredded fish and meat, no meat; cassoulet chicken, no chicken …… loss of school district value of the old broken small, like stinky tofu without the tofu, only a stink!

If Shanghai and Beijing take the lead in implementing this system, the future may also be in the country will slowly implement. The speculation and irrational rise of school district houses will become history, which is also a heavy hammer to combat the price of housing. The ones who have already bought the school district houses may regret the future price reduction sales; those who have not bought the school district houses may also weigh whether it is still worthwhile to take the plunge.


Finally, a few more words for you.

Educational fairness and educational balance must be the general trend of the times.

The underlying logic of educational equity and educational balance is that the big guys don’t want to see the Iron Curtain landing, releasing a key message point to ordinary people – the door to class crossing is not closed, we are still in pretty much the same environment, and all have upward passage.

The long term trend is that school houses must not be the best subject for long term value.

We all “walk and cherish”!