Foreign journalists ask questions Hua Chunying: some day I invite you to drink tea netizens flirt

Hua Chunying told the BBC reporter: I’ll buy you tea some day (Photo source: video screenshot)

On March 26, the Chinese Foreign Ministry held a regular press conference, and a BBC reporter asked spokesperson Hua Chunying about the so-called “collusion between the British media and anti-China forces”. Hua Chunying replied: I’ll invite you to tea some day, let’s talk slowly. Netizens chortled that the BBC reporter was immediately scared out of his skin.

According to the official media, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a regular press conference on the 26th, a reporter from the BBC on the spokesman Hua Chunying about the collusion between some media and anti-China forces, rumors to smear China to ask Hua Chunying to provide some specific details of the report? Such as air Time, air platform? Hua Chunying replied: about the false reports, how about the BBC’s report? Can say too much, we will not talk in detail on this occasion, another day I invite you to tea, we talk slowly.

“Drinking tea” has become a specific language signal for the Chinese Communist Party‘s state security, public security, state security and other agencies to handle cases, meaning to “fix” the person who was invited to “drink tea”.

Netizens say that foreign journalists hearing “tea” will be like hearing “re-Education camp”, scared out of cold sweat!