Beijing fog yellow warning local visibility of only 200 meters tomorrow will be dust gusts of up to 7

It is expected that today (March 27), Beijing will have poor atmospheric diffusion conditions, reduced visibility, fog in the morning and moderate haze with short periods of heavy haze during the day. From the night until tomorrow, Beijing will experience dusty weather with gusts of up to about 7.

This morning, fog appeared in Beijing with poor visibility. Monitoring shows that from 05:00 to 06:00, visibility in most areas was 500~800 meters, with only 200 meters in local areas, and the yellow warning of fog is still in effect.

This morning, Beijing’s skies were gray and cloudy.

Beijing Meteorological Station expects fog to moderate haze this morning to day, north wind level one to south wind level two or three, maximum temperature 20℃; cloudy to clear at night, with dust, south wind level two to north wind level four or so (gusts of about seven), minimum temperature 10℃.

Tomorrow and the next two days, Beijing maintains clear and cloudy, with a maximum temperature of 17~18℃. Among them tomorrow daytime sandy blowing, northerly wind four or five, gusts will reach about 7, with dust.

Meteorologists reminded that when the dusty weather comes, it is recommended that the public should not go out, close doors and windows in Time to prevent sand and dust from entering the room, and if you need to go out, you should do a good job of health protection. At the same time, visibility is reduced, vehicles driving please keep a safe distance, pay attention to traffic safety.