White House announces $10 billion to expand vaccinations

The U.S. White House announced Thursday that it will invest an additional $10 billion to increase vaccination rates for Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) among low-income households, minorities and rural areas. It will also strengthen trust in and awareness of the vaccine.

According to foreign media reports, the funding comes from the American Rescue Plan, a relief bill passed earlier this month, which will include $6 billion to expand vaccination, testing and treatment at 1,400 community health centers nationwide.

In addition, $3 billion will be allocated to strengthen “confidence in vaccines,” which will be distributed to local governments so that advocates can go door-to-door and arrange for eligible individuals to receive the Wuhan pneumonia vaccine. Another $300 million will be provided to community health workers to prevent and control Wuhan pneumonia, and $32 million will be allocated for training of personnel and technical assessments.