Nanning naked girl was abused by many people, lower body stuffed with mineral water bottles incontinence

A teenage girl was naked and abused by multiple people in a room. (Screenshot of the video)

A short video has been circulating on the Internet, showing a teenage girl naked and being abused by multiple people in a room and forced to eat garbage, the abusers kept laughing and abusing, but also shoved a mineral water bottle into the girl’s lower body. As some netizens pointed out, the accent of the people in the film from Nanning, Guangxi or nearby areas, the local police and women’s federation has launched an investigation.

The news reported that a coded video of a woman suspected of being abused by multiple people was recently circulated on the Internet, and netizens wrote after posting the coded video that the abuser in the video looked to be in his teens, and that the victim was abused in a video of unknown origin, but it was edited into various versions of the story on WeChat and spread. Some netizens said the abuser “sounded a bit like Nanning’s accent, but it could also be around Nanning”.

NetEase reports that the coded video and related pictures show multiple people suspected to be violent towards a girl. Someone at the scene said, “Enlarge the can, after shooting sent to me, put (lower body), stuffed inside.” There was also constant uproar, ridicule and verbal abuse. Then someone mocked, “She peed, so disgusting.” Thereafter, the sound of blows was heard in the video.

According to reports, the Nanning Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment 24 released a message saying that the police attach great importance to this and are currently organizing an investigation.

Netease reported that the Nanning Women’s Federation responded by listening to the video of the population audio and video is Nanning and the surrounding areas, is assisting the police to investigate.

Women’s Federation staff said that the video has been coded, the sound is not clear, they do not know the source of the video, can not determine the specifics. In response, they have called the police.

ETtoday reported that after the image was exposed, netizens were furious, exclaiming “this is too horrible”, “what kind of Parents, raising such trash ah”, “now the children are so terrible? “, “vomit, how can children nowadays be so vicious”.

A young girl was naked and abused by multiple people in a room. (Screenshot of the video)

A young girl was naked and abused by multiple people in a room. (Screenshot of the video)