Biden press conference 5 awkward moments: “I miss Trump”

Breitbart News summarized several awkward moments for Biden during his first personal press conference on Thursday.

The first embarrassing moment was when Biden said, “I miss” former President Trump

The reporter asked Biden if he could confirm that he would run for re-election in 2024, as Trump had already said he would seek re-election soon after he became president.

Biden smiled and muttered, “My predecessor needs to do so. “

Right away, Biden said sarcastically, “My predecessor. Oh, God, I miss him.” Biden then confirmed he would run for president again in 2024.

Biden on Trump: “My predecessor. oh god, I miss him.”

  • Eddie Zipperer (@EddieZipperer) March 25,2021

The 2nd awkward moment: Biden’s brain is not spinning

Biden was asked at one point about ending the filibuster, and Biden’s response was, “I’m going to say something outrageous, I’m not that calculating in terms of getting things done in the Senate, in terms of really major issues, the best way to get things done, no matter what ……”, and then nothing more The reporters below could be heard snickering at this point. Biden finally had no choice but to add a sentence, “We have done into a lot of things. “

So… @JoeBiden’s press conference is going just about how you’d expect.

  • The First (@TheFirstonTV) March 25,2021

Embarrassing moment No. 3: Who is “Jim Hawk”?

Biden attacked the election integrity bills being considered in Georgia and Michigan. Biden declared, “This is sick. It makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle. But Biden did not elaborate on who “Jim Eagle” really is.

‘This makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle,’ President Biden comments on voting rights issues. /L52FQlnsHG

  • Newsmax (@newsmax) March 25, 2021

Awkward moment No. 4: Biden makes sure his uncertain answers are clear.

One reporter wanted a promise from Biden that he would let reporters into facilities near the border, packed with illegal immigrants.

Biden declined, saying only, “Once I’m able to implement what we’re doing now, I’ll commit to transparency.”

Biden was asked, “How long will this take?”

Biden said, “To be clear, I don’t know.”

Biden REFUSES to say when he’ll be transparent about the border crisis:

“I will commit to transparency as soon as I’m in a position to implement what we’re doing right now.”

Reporter: “How soon will that be?”

Biden: “I don’t know, to be clear. “

  • Mark Bednar (@MarkBednar) March 25,2021

Embarrassing moment No. 5: Biden gets cranky as he tells reporters about conditions at border facilities

ABC News reporter Ms. Cecilia Vega told Biden that she returned from the border yesterday and also described the crowded conditions in Donna, Texas, after the Biden Administration encouraged migrants to come to the border.

The reporter asked, “What was your reaction to some of the images that came out of that particular facility. Is what’s happening in there acceptable to you, and when will that be addressed?”

Biden hastily responded, “That’s a serious question, isn’t it? And saying whether I’m okay with it. That’s the word.”

Fourth reporter was ABC’s Cecilia Vega, who relayed to him a story of a nine-year-old Honduran boy who crossed the border by himself and if that means children like him will be allowed to stay in the country.

  • Curtis Houck (@CurtisHouck) March 25,2021