Prices have skyrocketed by 100%! Zhejiang boss lady: really do not buy unless not bad money

People who are familiar with computers are no stranger to graphics cards, which are mainly responsible for a computer’s graphics calculations, whether playing games or editing videos need a good graphics card. However, from the end of last year, the impact of the virtual currency surge, the price of the new release of graphics cards also rose sharply. Due to the price increase and shortage of goods, many users will be the graphics card jokingly referred to as air – meaning invisible and untouchable.

Recently Mr. Zhang in Taizhou Jiaojiang Home with 10 years of the old computer stopped working. Because of the need to work, Mr. Zhang urgently need to reconfigure a new computer, but went to a number of computer stores, shopped a few rounds of digital city, and eventually returned in defeat, Mr. Zhang lamented: “Now buy a computer so difficult?”

As one of the main accessories necessary for a computer host, the price of the graphics card often accounts for half of the total price of the host, now the price of graphics cards soaring, the market is also a card is difficult to find, making such as Mr. Zhang general home computer users in the purchase of computers into a passive.

Recently, the hour news reporter visited Taizhou Digital City, to see how “crazy” the graphics card in the end?

Heard that you want to assemble a computer

The boss lady immediately advised: you wait a little longer

Taizhou Digital City is located in the Luqiao District of Taizhou City, is the largest local digital products gathering place, Taizhou people if you go to the physical store to buy digital products, most will choose here.

The reporter came to the digital city, a door, see the first floor hall even have stalls selling clothes. “We have a computer store upstairs, but now the computer business is not doing well, on the ‘part-Time‘ selling clothes.” The boss told the reason.

Digital City, the second floor of the main cell phone, the popularity is still very strong, but to the third floor to sell the computer area, the reporter found that the original full mall empty one-third, many stores are iron general door, written above “transfer”. And the open store also has few customers figure.

“Need to buy something? Come to my place to see.” Seeing people shopping in the digital city, merchants greeted them. The owner of the closest store to the building, who was learning aerobics on her phone a few seconds ago, welcomed me in immediately when she saw business coming in.

“I want to buy a graphics card!” I said.

When I found out I wanted to buy a graphics card, the boss lady looked serious, “It’s not cost-effective to buy a graphics card now, if you don’t need it urgently, I advise you to wait.”

The boss lady then said, “Unless you are not bad money, I will go to you to find a way to transfer the goods.” The boss lady said that they have private channels, all models of graphics cards have a way to transfer to. “The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. As for the price you have to be prepared.”

“I want to buy an RTX3070 graphics card, what kind of mental preparation do I need to make?” I joked. Because according to the official announced price, the graphics card is priced at less than 4,000 yuan.

The owner was quick to say, “According to the current market situation, the actual price should be in the range of $8,000 to $10,000.”

The RTX3080 graphics card, which is officially priced at 5,000 yuan, will not be sold for less than 15,000 yuan, the boss’s wife said.

“Really, young man, auntie say a sincere word, now really no need to rush to buy graphics cards.” The boss lady repeatedly persuaded.

Graphics card a few prices a day

Internet cafe boss hesitated a little half a day price rise of thousands

The reporter noticed that the most prominent position of each computer store in the digital city, there will be a “wall” with the graphics card box, like a huge signboard, as if who the “box wall” is higher and larger, it means that the store strength is stronger, very There is a row.

The box shows the model of 30 series graphics cards listed at the end of last year, and the box is also empty. “The cards inside were sold long ago. I regret selling early, set aside now can still sell a few thousand more.”

Another store owner also suggested that now buy graphics cards or wait, “Our industry this graphics card supply price, has not a day a change, but a day a number of changes, than speculation in the stock is also exciting.”

The reporter reported himself, want to understand the graphics card market, the boss is not shy, enthusiastically introduced me to some of the situation.

The boss said that he had a good friend, this year’s plate a cafe, the cafe to add 30 sets of new computers with better configuration, entrusted him to help assembly.

He dialed his friend’s phone number and let me talk to him for a few minutes.

Internet cafe owner identified himself as Xu, talking about his encounter with the Internet cafe with computers, Mr. Xu is also a belly full of words to say.

“The new computer wants to use RTX3060 graphics card, my friend said at the time that his side can help me get the lowest price is about 4,000 yuan, I think the official pricing is only less than 3,000 yuan, expensive by a thousand dollars, so I said allow me to consider half a day before deciding.”

Mr. Xu thought about it and decided to buy it that afternoon, the owner of the computer store to help him check, the results of more than 4,000 prices can no longer get, at least 5,000 yuan. “I was so scared that I bought on the spot. If I hesitate again, I’m afraid my computer are not going to match up.” Mr. Xu regretted his hesitation at the time, resulting in an increase in installed costs of more than 30,000 yuan.

According to the graphics card model provided by Mr. Xu, I checked the current pricing of online e-commerce, the basic price tag has reached the threshold of 6,000 yuan.

All the way up to 14,000 yuan

Shanghai gamers witnessed the “crazy price increase”

In Shanghai Putuo District, the reporter met Xiao Qiu, last December, on the one hand, want to try some new games, on the other hand, want to use the computer graphics card for some program computing. Xiao Qiu purchased a model 3080, the latest graphics card.

Shanghai gamer Qiu Jiahui: I was in the middle of December last year to buy the graphics card, is 7300 yuan, the day before I remember 6900 yuan, 7000 yuan can still get, on the late day, I bought after another day, the price has been to about 8000 yuan. This card is now almost on the market to sell to 13,000, 14,000 yuan or so.

Before the price of graphics cards rose sharply, Xiao Qiu is undoubtedly lucky, but not many people like Xiao Qiu are lucky, from December 2020, various models of computer graphics cards have begun to significantly increase prices. Take the model 3070, which has a slightly lower performance than the 3080 graphics card, for example. This reporter saw on major shopping sites, no matter which brand, the price of 3070 graphics cards are mostly above 8000 yuan, while in September last year when it was just launched, the official sales price announced by the brands was only 3899 yuan. Four months after the launch, the price has more than doubled.

Offline, the reporter came to the computer city located in Shanghai Xuhui District to consult the price of 3070 graphics card. However, the merchant did not recommend the reporter to buy the graphics card at this time.

Shanghai Xuhui District, a computer parts merchant: to a graphics card?

Reporter: 3070 model graphics card how much?

Shanghai Xuhui District, a computer parts merchant: now the price of graphics cards is quite expensive, 3070 graphics card if the Magic Dragon brand, should be about 7000 yuan.

Reporter: 7000 how much.

Shanghai Xuhui District, a computer parts merchant: I’ll ask for you, I sincerely suggest that it is not very suitable, now the price is too high.

Reporter: Is it all out of stock? Is MSI (graphics card) out of stock? Or are all the others out of stock?

Shanghai Xuhui District, a computer parts merchant: 3070 graphics card out of stock.

Bitcoin soaring set off a “mining” wave

The impact of the Epidemic “to push the wave”

Reporter from the computer city a number of bosses side of the graphics card price information, the current pricing of graphics cards on the market, at least more than the official pricing is almost double the price of individual popular brand models is more than double the price, and online stores in the indefinite shortage of stock.

What causes graphics card prices to be so crazy?

The merchants who sell computers have mentioned that and the recent rise in the price of bitcoin is related.

In the last six months, bitcoin prices have skyrocketed, and on March 14 have risen to more than $61,000, a record high. This has led to more people getting involved in “mining” and even the emergence of many large organizations and “mining farms” that specialize in “mining”. The most important part of “mining” is the graphics card, which led to the global graphics card, began to be these specialized “miners miners” to buy a lot, which led to the entire graphics card market was turned upside down.

The other factor that has helped is the impact of the epidemic over the past year or so, the epidemic has triggered a landslide in the production capacity of many industries, which has also led to difficulties in the supply of chips for graphics cards, coupled with a drop in productivity, the production efficiency of graphics cards has also been greatly reduced, making it difficult to quickly fill the gap in the market and demand.

“Not to mention the latest graphics cards can not get the goods, many of the previous generations of old graphics cards are also a lot of recycling to take ‘mining’.” A digital city and second-hand computer parts business Yang boss is not panic, he said, originally sold for 50 yuan no one wants the old graphics card, the price is now mentioned 150 yuan are still people use. “Some urgent to use, only the old graphics card to buy back should be emergency.” Yang boss warehouse in many years of dormant “old antique”, now ushered in a “second spring”.

The reporter found in the interview process, the deformed condition of the graphics market, leading to subtle changes in the entire installed market, some have enough strength to get the graphics card sources of business, began to engage in “bundled sales” around the graphics card.

“You can buy a graphics card from me, I can give you a cheaper price than other channels, but you have to buy other accessories for your computer from me. If you want to buy a graphics card alone, I’m not selling it here.” In a store that focuses on wholesale computer business, the clerk with the graphics card in hand, the bottom line.

The ethereum rose over 400% in six months

B station blogger unveiled the mysterious “mining”

In just four months, the price of graphics cards can rise by more than 100%, and even old graphics cards can be sold at high prices. Why did the price of graphics cards change so much. The businessman said the mining and what is the matter.

In Zhengzhou, Henan Province, the reporter met with the B station anchor Zhang Jian. In addition to the video blogger, Zhang Jian has another identity, which is a graphics card dealer. In his store, the reporter saw a pile full of computer cases. Zhang Jian, who has just finished his live broadcast, told reporters that these are the so-called mining machines used for mining.

Zhengzhou, Henan, a graphics card dealer Zhang Jian: all of these machines are empty chassis, in addition to the graphics card other accessories are available, the above can be inserted directly into the eight graphics cards, the home side of these stocks a total of about 300 units, each can be installed eight graphics cards, that is, more than two thousand graphics cards to install all up.

At present, these machines are booked by miners in Yunnan and Sichuan (mining ethereum), and will be shipped after we have installed them, or they will send their own people to escort them to their mining farms (mining ethereum rooms).

Mining” means using a computer with a high-performance graphics card to obtain digital currency based on a specific algorithm program. After installing the graphics card, simply open the program so that a machine’s graphics card will be mobilized to mine digital currency, the industry will call this behavior mining, and the plant with a large number of machines is also called a mining site.

Zhang Jian told reporters that at present, as bitcoin requires the use of professional mining machines to mine. The graphics card assembled mining machine is mainly to mine ethereum.

As the second largest coin in the virtual currency market value, from October last year to the present, Ether rose more than 400%, the price of one Ether rose to more than 11,000 yuan. Driven by interest, new mining farms are popping up all over the place. These mining farms require thousands of graphics cards at a minimum, or tens of thousands at a maximum. The scale of investment is hundreds of millions of dollars. How many graphics cards on the market, the mine owner will receive how much.

A graphics card dealer in Zhengzhou, Henan, Zhang Jian: Henan used to have thousands of mining farms (mining ethereum room), if compared with Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, and Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, these areas with developed thermal power resources, the number of graphics cards on our side can be said not worth mentioning, the most number of mining farms (mining ethereum room) there, graphics cards are in the tens of thousands, at least in more than 30,000. If evenly spread to computers, that’s more than 5,000 computers.

From last year to date, the lack of capacity of graphics card manufacturers is also an important reason for the price increase of graphics card shortages.

Zhengzhou, Henan, a graphics card dealer Zhang Jian: 2017 these cards basically can be more than 3,000 sheets per month, now only about 1,000 sheets, the current amount to is a third of 2017, from our upstream suppliers, we take the price has gone up.

Bitcoin and other virtual coins

Can not be used as currency circulation in the market

It is worth noting that currently in China, Bitcoin and other virtual coins are defined as a specific virtual commodity that does not have the same legal status as currency and cannot and should not be used as currency in circulation in the market.

In addition, it is prohibited by law for any organization or individual to provide “virtual currency” trading services in or outside of China, and to establish RMB channels and pools of funds in China and charge transaction fees.

Any organization or individual who issues “virtual currency” in China and raises funds in RMB is suspected of the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits or the crime of fund-raising fraud.

The reporter will give you tips –

See here, many readers and friends may say, “Do we need to match the computer for daily use, there is no way?”

Objectively speaking, if you are not very anxious to match the new computer, it is recommended not to rush, according to the reporter’s visit and a number of industry exchanges, we generally believe that the “mining” wave of boom is likely to turn in June and July this year, when the price of graphics cards will have a wave of significant decline, and is expected to gradually return to normal prices. So wait until the price of the graphics card down and then install the machine, is the best choice.

And for some recent urgent computer, must buy computer friends, the reporter has some suggestions for reference.

First, if you are not very obsessed with the desktop, you can consider buying a laptop computer, compared to the desktop, “mining tide” on the price of laptops is not a big impact.

Secondly, if you have to buy a desktop computer, in the purchase of computer central processing unit (CPU), give priority to models with core graphics, generally for home use, catch up on drama, play small games, the newest years of the CPU comes with the core graphics are sufficient to meet the use.

Then again, if the computer is bought back to do more professional graphics video processing work, you can consider with the “Leadtek” and other brands of modeling rendering graphics professional independent graphics card, this type of graphics card is not suitable for “mining” so from “The price does not fluctuate.

Of course, if you have some Taobao and screening ability, you can also consider the second-hand platform to pluck some relatively inexpensive used graphics cards for the transition. Of course, this is not recommended for new friends who do not understand computer products to try.

The reporter according to the current market price, according to the price of 3000 yuan and 5000 yuan, to provide two more cost-effective installed configuration for your reference.

3000 yuan configuration

5000 yuan configuration

The price of the above two configurations for a single host price, does not include the display.