Ant Group’s valuation raised to $380-$461 billion

According to media reports, Alibaba’s Ant Group has raised its valuation to between $380 and $461 billion. As previously reported, Ant Group raised the valuation of its IPO to $280 billion.

On the evening of October 21, the Securities and Futures Commission released news that it agreed to the registration of Ant Group’s initial public offering of shares on the board, and that Ant Group and its underwriters would consult with the SSE to determine the issuance schedule and publish the offering documents.

Subsequently, Ant Group issued a letter of intent to offer, according to the announcement, the initial inquiry of the issue is October 23, the application time is October 29, the payment date is November 2, the company will apply for listing on the CRE Board as soon as possible after the completion of this stock offering, stock code 688688.