AFP: More than 124 million people worldwide have been diagnosed and more than 2.74 million have died of the disease

At least 2,745,337 people have died worldwide from 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19), with at least 124,813,160 cases confirmed as of 11:00 GMT on 25 May, according to official data compiled by AFP.

The outbreak began in China in December 2019, and the vast majority of those infected have recovered to date. However, some people continue to feel symptoms for weeks or even months after recovery.

These figures are based on daily statistics provided by national health authorities and do not include subsequent re-estimates from the statistical units of three countries – Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom – and are only a fraction of the actual total number of infections, as many mildly ill or asymptomatic patients remain undetected.

Globally, 10,63 new deaths and 624,777 confirmed cases were reported on the 24th. According to the latest notification data, the countries with the highest number of new deaths were Brazil (2009), the United States (1,362) and Mexico (579), in that order.

The United States remains the country with the most severe Epidemic, with a cumulative total of 545,282 deaths and 3,011,551 confirmed cases.

Other countries with severe outbreaks include Brazil (300,685 deaths and 12,220,111 confirmed cases), Mexico (199,627 deaths and 2,208,755 confirmed cases), India (160,692 deaths and 11,787,534 confirmed cases), and the United Kingdom (126,382 deaths and 4,312,908 confirmed cases).

The Czech Republic had the highest death rate as a percentage of the population, with 238 deaths per 100,000 people, followed by Belgium (197), Hungary (196), Montenegro (195) and Slovenia (192).

From a regional point of view, Europe accumulated 932,228 deaths, 42,157,651 confirmed cases; Latin America and the Caribbean accumulated 753,603 deaths, 23,955,190 confirmed cases; the United States and Canada, a total of 560,835 deaths, 30,956,316 confirmed cases.

In Asia, there were 267,927 deaths and 17,286,152 confirmed cases; in the Middle East, there were 111,697 deaths and 6,283,786 confirmed cases; in Africa, there were 110,871 deaths and 4,138,525 confirmed cases; and in Oceania, there were 976 deaths and 35,541 confirmed cases.