9 cases of “Bell’s face palsy” in Hong Kong with Chinese vaccine

The expert committee to assess the clinical events of the new vaccine met with reporters tonight (24), co-convener Kong Fangyi said that the committee discussed nine cases of “Bell’s facial palsy” after receiving the new vaccine at today’s meeting, nine subjects are all male, aged 39 to 86 years old, of which eight were vaccinated with Coxin vaccine and one with Fubitai Eight of them were vaccinated with Cogent vaccine and one with Fupirtide vaccine. The expert committee continues to monitor the cases and will advise the authorities to take appropriate measures if unusual signals are found, such as requesting pharmaceutical companies to change product instructions as appropriate.

In addition, a 35-year-old woman was vaccinated on March 15 with the Fubatai vaccine, five minutes after the injection appeared rash, shortness of breath and palpitations, sent to Prince of Wales Hospital for medical treatment, the initial diagnosis of a serious allergic reaction triggered by the vaccine, after treatment has been discharged on March 18, will later be referred to the allergy clinic for further testing. According to Kung Fan-ngai, the rate of severe allergic reactions after receiving the vaccine is 0.8 cases per 100,000 doses, which is similar to the rate of 2 to 4 cases per 100,000 doses in other countries.

The expert committee today also discussed the 11 post-vaccination clinical event reports as of March 21, involving 15 events, which will be released on Friday (March 26) on the new vaccine webpage. Of the 15 events discussed by the Expert Committee today, eight were inconsistent with vaccination causality, five were consistent with vaccination causality, and the remaining two were not post-vaccination abnormal events.

The cases that were consistent with vaccination causation included a 67-year-old woman who received the Fibrate vaccine on March 14 and later felt headache, dizziness, fever and chest pain. In addition, a 52-year-old man received the Coxin vaccine on March 16 and developed allergic symptoms 27 minutes after vaccination.

Assistant Director of health (Drugs) Raymond Chan said that from February 26 in Hong Kong for the public to receive the new crown vaccine, as of March 21, there were 793 cases of abnormal events after vaccination, of which 591 cases accounted for the Kexing vaccine, and 202 cases accounted for the later start of the Fubatai vaccine.

The government announced the suspension of the Fubatai vaccine in Hong Kong with immediate effect due to defects in the packaging of the vials’ caps. According to the data, the second dose of Fubatai vaccine can be injected from the 19th to the 42nd day after the first dose. According to Kung Fan-ngai, the defective packaging of the cap of the Fubatai vaccine has nothing to do with the safety of the vaccine, and it is believed that the vaccination can be resumed without waiting for 42 days.