France, Germany and Britain send warships to cruise in South China Sea, says Chinese Defense Ministry Nothing to do

Ren Guoqiang, spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense of the mainland.

Ren Guoqiang, spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party‘s Ministry of National Defense, claimed: “The overall situation in the South China Sea is stable, there is no such thing as freedom of navigation, regional countries and the international community can see very clearly that the security risks facing the South China Sea mainly come from extraterritorial, we hope that the countries concerned will make more constructive contributions to maintaining regional peace and stability, rather than creating trouble by doing nothing. “

Chinese Communist Party in the South China Sea actions continue, the Philippines on Saturday (20) issued a statement that the Chinese Communist Party in the sovereignty dispute around the Ngau Yoke Reef, assembled 220 large Chinese fishing boats. The Philippines earlier said that in response to the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party, and the establishment of the “West Philippine Sea National Task Force”, the Philippine military announced on Thursday, the deployment of additional warships to patrol the South China Sea to maintain sovereignty, in response to the Chinese mainland fishing boats gathered.

Britain, France and Germany have recent plans to send warships in the South China Sea. A British defense official said in January that the UK’s flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier strike group was ready to enter the South China Sea. On Feb. 8, French Defense Minister Florence Parly also announced on Twitter that the nuclear-powered attack submarine Emerald and the support ship Seine will pass through the South China Sea in the near future. German government officials also noted on March 2 that a frigate from that country will travel to Asia in August and will pass through the disputed South China Sea on its return trip, becoming the first German warship to pass through the South China Sea since 2002. In addition, a Royal Canadian Navy warship passed through the Taiwan Strait in January to join the Australian, Japanese and U.S. maritime forces conducting military exercises in the nearby waters.

The second largest “island” in the Spratly Islands, Zhubi Reef, which the Chinese Communist Party began turning into an island in 2015, has also recently been recreated, according to the latest satellite images taken by the U.S. space technology company Maxar Technologies. The “land reclamation” project.