New York mayor sets guidelines for Halloween: wear masks as well as costume masks

The United States New York City Mayor White Si Howe 21 recommendations, under the influence of the new crown epidemic, New York City families need to reduce the gathering during Halloween this year, only to go out and play “trick-or-treating” game. At the same time, masks should also be worn along with makeup masks.

According to the New York Post, Whitehouse has developed a series of guidelines for the new crown epidemic on Halloween to prevent the epidemic crisis. At a City Hall press conference, he said, “Halloween will be safe in New York City, but it will be different”.

It is reported that the guidelines put forward by Baisho include: (1) only in the outdoors rather than in the apartment building trick-or-treating; (2) the candy in a small bucket for distribution, rather than direct hand contact distribution; (3) ring the doorbell and step back six feet (about two meters); (4) the use of hand sanitizer; (5) the need to wear a mask outside the costume mask.