The former provincial newspaper reporter reported in real name Yang Dianjun, a representative of the Heilongjiang People’s Congress

Reported person Yang Dianjun. (Web screenshot)

In recent years in China, journalists reporting on corrupt senior officials in real names have been in the news. For example, Liu Tienan, former deputy director of the Development and Reform Commission of the Communist Party of China, was reported by journalist Luo Changping, and Zhang Jiahui, former vice president of the Hainan High Court, was sentenced after being reported by journalist Liu Hu. Recently, Yang Dianjun, deputy director of the National Overseas Chinese Affairs and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress, was also reported by his former subordinate, Shen Shen, a former reporter for the provincial newspaper, for allegedly committing a number of serious corruption problems.

According to Shen Shen’s publicly released reporting materials, the 80-year-old Shen Shen, who joined the Heilongjiang Daily in 2009 as a reporter and editor. Shen Shen revealed that he and his colleagues from 2011 began to report the then president of Yang Dianjun, in 2015 he was forced to leave until now, continue to insist on reporting so far, the reporting Time has been up to 10 years.

Shen Shen revealed in the reporting materials, “Yang Dianjun corruption led to the newspaper group management chaos, debt, losses are very serious, a large number of sub-papers and subordinate enterprises to shut down and transfer, litigation entangled. Over the years, staff survival difficulties, a large number of employees resigned or were laid off, a number of leaders after the reform struggle, the originator Yang Dianjun but unscathed, the whistleblower was repeatedly persecuted.”

It is reported that at the same time involved in reporting Yang Dianjun corruption issues, there are “Heilongjiang Daily” other serving or retired employees and resigned journalists or laid off journalists.

Shen Shen’s reporting materials published on the website. (Web screenshot)

Yang Dianjun is alleged to be a major benefit transfer personnel corruption problems

Yang Dianjun, born in December 1960. He was the president of the Heilongjiang Daily, executive vice minister of the propaganda department of the Heilongjiang provincial party committee, party secretary of the provincial cultural federation, and earlier this year, was transferred to the provincial people’s congress ethnic affairs and foreign affairs committee as deputy director.

According to Shen Shen’s whistle-blowing material, “In 2015, the provincial party committee inspection group had harshly informed the main corruption issues of Yang Dianjun, before the inspection Yang Dianjun was hastily transferred away, the content of the briefing was quickly removed online. The inspection group informed that the group’s leadership team cohesion is not strong, a handful of work is more arbitrary, the implementation of democratic centralism is not good enough. It also pointed out without naming Yang Dianjun ‘take off his battle robe and wear a royal robe’, used to giving orders. The group’s public transparency is not high, major issues decision-making caused by constant suspicion.”

“The inspection team focused on the notification of personnel corruption. The briefing said that the middle-level team of Heilongjiang Daily was adjusted too frequently, violated the lowering of cadre appointment standards, selection and employment violations, low and high positions, mixed posts and mixed staff, with a total of 41 positions of over-allocated division-level cadres. Illegal self-establishment of 14 institutions, equipped with division-level cadres 27 positions. A typical example is the female worker Qi Yan, can actually violate the transfer of stem also promoted to deputy division, but also rated on the deputy high.”

The report letter said, “Yang Dianjun management incompetence, suspected of negligence and dereliction of duty in state-owned enterprises and institutions, suspected of significant transfer of benefits. Financial chaos, Yang Dianjun left office before the debt of 330 million yuan. After leaving office, Yang Dianjun continued to remote control, resulting in a growing gap. 2015, “Heilongjiang Daily” group operating in serious difficulties, a loss of nearly 30 million yuan, because of Yang Dianjun’s remote control, the amount of losses increased year by year.”

“Yang Dianjun’s indulgence in newspaper and advertising kickbacks led to the proliferation of commercial bribery, which seriously hurt the media’s credibility. Yang Dianjun had and his spouse Xu Tong (former Heilongjiang Daily Group sub-paper Family health newspaper director, Heilongjiang Publishing Group Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, retired) constitute a direct superior-subordinate relationship, in violation of cadres to avoid employment.”

The whistleblower was suspended and dismissed in retaliation for speaking out was intimidated to delete the post and seal the number

It is understood that several whistleblowers who reported Yang Dianjun, have suffered varying degrees of persecution. Some were lowered titles or ordered to retire, some were dismissed, and some had been assigned to the personnel office to standby. Shen Shen because of the report by Yang Dianjun stopped working for half a year.

Shen Shen revealed in the letter, “Yang Dianjun had arranged for the technical director Xiao Zhigang illegal monitoring me. Arranged illegal interview with Li Lihua, former deputy editor-in-chief of Heilongjiang Daily, saying that the unit’s efficiency is not good, to take the overall situation as a priority, do not report again.”

In 2015, Shen Shen and his wife, also a reporter for Heilongjiang Daily, were forced to resign and move their family south. “We have been away from Heilongjiang more than 2,000 kilometers, Yang Dianjun still uneasy, instructed the then assistant to the editor-in-chief Liu Mou phone threat, can make me unemployed again. 2019, claiming to Suihua triad men with Beijing cell phone number, gave me a two-hour phone call in the middle of the night to intimidate the threat. 2021, and claiming to be the Heilongjiang Discipline Inspection Commission men with cell phones at the weekend to inform me that the report was not true and refused to provide a text response and to communicate the name of the position.” Shen Shen said, “These are the useless tricks of Yang Dianjun’s corrupt group, scandalous. ‘Thanks’ to Yang Dianjun for achieving our contemporary journalist persona.”