U.S. Secretary of Education: 100 percent of schools will return to school this fall

In an interview with NBC’s “Today” morning news program, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said the new vaccine program continues to move forward, and it is estimated that 100 percent of schools across the United States will be back in session this fall.

Cardona said 100 percent of schools will have students in classrooms again by fall, but the immediate goal is for more schools to reopen this spring.

He noted that if he continues to promote proven prevention measures and uses American Rescue Plan outbreak grants to create a safe, well-protected environment for students to attend school, “we can continue to make progress. We can continue to make progress and get students back to school this spring.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) released a new study that found that about 75 percent of public schools across the United States are now fully or partially returning students to school. Among students who are fully enrolled in school, white students have the highest percentage, surpassing African-American, Hispanic and Asian students.

Cardona said in an interview that students want to return to the school Family and have been waiting for almost a year, “We know that school is a safe environment for students, where they can not only learn, but also socialize and connect emotionally with other students and teachers.

If school attendance resumes, is it mandatory to require teachers to be vaccinated, Cardona replied in an interview, “I don’t think it should be mandatory.”

Distance learning over the past year has caused many students to fall behind, and some children to suffer mental health crises. Cardona pointed to after-school tutoring programs and “creative summer opportunities” as ways to help students catch up.

He also said, “This is a long-term plan to remedy learning lags. It’s going to take years of betting.”