How my mother became a miracle doctor

Two days ago I helped my mother to make a success, in more than catch fish to buy a book has been out of print “a thousand wonderful recipes” (on), under I have not yet grabbed, and my mother actually has this book, she just because of the simple love, want to have a book again, in case the book broke the hand that volume.

My mother – with a generation to write always look awkward following referred to as Lao Wang – is not a medical student, but a petrochemical children, and she spent half of her Life living and working in Yanshan Petrochemical so an industrial city, around the contact is also engaged in the chemical industry people. Her life trajectory is related to TCM because of me.

Because of the birth of my Time she was cold to the month, so her legs are particularly painful, pain she suffered that time, just one day walking in the community, met a half-baked, my father’s unit of female colleagues, chatting up the woman said, I have ancestral Medicine to give you a good package, but you can not claim. Put today this definitely sounds like a scam, not to rip you off a 30,000 to 50,000 are hard this chance encounter, but in that era of revolutionary friendship is extremely pure, the prescription was soon given to the hands of the old king, the old king is also bold on the service, and then the miracle happened, not a few days she got better.

(p.s. After many years, perhaps after the agreed-upon years of not being able to disclose it, Old Wang gave the prescription to a distant relative of the Family, however, this relative is very unethical, back Home directly to the formula to the small workshop production, failed to live up to a good story when Old Wang into the Chinese medicine circle)

After this first encounter, the next time the fate of Chinese medicine to push the reason for the old Wang, or because of me. I always had a nosebleed when I was a child, and Western doctors could not cure it, so that my childhood memories are often good to stay there and did not do anything suddenly a smell of blood in the nasal cavity, and then began to stop bleeding. The flow of more will get used to it, every day with a roll of toilet paper in the pocket, aware of the beginning of nosebleeds, take the paper to save into a small volume, stabbed into the nose before there is a very important step, no nosebleeds can understand, is to use their own saliva on the top lick a lick, what use do not know, maybe no water, cool can lower the blood flow rate, may also be saliva in what enzymes ah what What is the healing function of it ……

Although the habit, more or less a disease, is also very annoying. At that time it happened that my father in the East City or Chaoyang somewhere to study, the old king outside waiting for him, bored in the surrounding walk, see a small long line of people in the queue. A question only to know that everyone came to see a famous doctor of Chinese medicine, called Liu Du Zhou – to this day the old Wang are called him “Liu Lao “Liu Lao.

No number of old Wang took note of this name, thinking that the people’s choice can not be wrong, plus a number of years ago and the sweet first encounter of Chinese doctors, a few days later a big morning brought me to the line for consultation. This story is relatively short because it happened, far from the previous nosebleed so vivid and lasting taste, I have no memory, but it is said that after taking the pulse Liu Lao gave me a three flavor medicine, the board said to eat a few pairs of quasi-good! Old Wang asked, only three flavors? She has been treated so many times and still not well, is not it very complicated? Liu said, the right medicine does not have to be complicated to get rid of the disease!

The next episode is logical, I really did not have a few days, nosebleeds will be healed, and then not much like a child nosebleeds.

The effect of these two things together is that the old king became a believer in Chinese medicine, and in the Xidan Book Building bought a few books on Chinese medicine, and began to hold in their spare time to look.

My dad and I didn’t take it seriously at first, thinking that Chinese medicine sounded so profound and profound, and that the knowledge must be as vast as the contents of the Taoist collection, while my old Wang was the third most intelligent person in my family for years, and felt that Chinese medicine for her was just a hobby to have fun. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. In fact, not to mention our nuclear family, the whole family has a WeChat group, for a while is also the old Wang but send some health articles, someone jumped out to say that these are pseudoscience.

But around 13, 14 years or so? The people who sang senile Wang’s Chinese medicine love have hit the face. Later I thought, this may be a period of the old Wang thick and thin, although her brain power is not good memory, but can not stand to see more immersed in it for a long time also really the meridians, the five elements of the main this palace that palace, a bunch of herbs to remember the nature of almost, plus she turned more books, prescriptions to see more, and often according to the map to find Liu Lao’s children, Liu Lao’s students and so on, she would have been a relatively high emotional intelligence. She will be very and doctor to ask for advice when they look at the medical books do not understand the problem, the process and then with personal experience to plate this doctor in the end is not powerful, the prescriptions do not work …… after years and years down, Chinese medicine so a large piece of things, actually really by her great enthusiasm + diligence to follow the way the master nibbled down to learn.

And the important point is that at this stage she began to prescribe medicine to people.

Sounds particularly unreliable, but think about the year the aunt who cured the old king of leg pain, is also so unreliable forced to the old king and Chinese medicine on the track, think this thing is not so unacceptable.

And she has given the prescription of many people, are using Western medicine has tried a variety of methods, are not effective, but also relatively desperate, with dates not dates also hit a shot mentality, even if you start to hold the mindset of doubt to listen to the old Wang said, in the end will really go to the prescription to catch the medicine.

Of course, the old Wang is still more rigorous, she mainly think which person described the disease, on their own once read a classical formula, and then think about the properties of the drug, go to the book to query a time, to determine the disease can really be treated with this method, will give each other the formula.

As for the effect? She intervened in the patients, really all get well. And a good she will remember, this formula corresponds to how the patient’s body, constantly updated to iterate their own database, some relatively common disease, always corresponds to a certain formula on the line, the old king to the back of the lazy to give more effort to the outside, because think has been relatively stable by the big data verification.

“You can’t take a pulse, and the recipe does not feel very coherent ah” I remember I once questioned her, but she said I remember questioning her about this, but she said, “The symptoms are right, and you think those TCM doctors don’t memorize prescriptions? Liu Lao’s prescriptions they also asked me for it! “

Reasoned empirical scientist ~ RESPECT.

It is at this stage, the old Wang formally transformed into the “Wang Shen doctor”.

In the community, she was invisible, there was an old lady who used her prescriptions to cure her illness, and recognized her a long time later from a distance to come over to thank her; there was a badminton court she went to play when she asked her for a consultation (of course, Wang has always been a volunteer clinic never charge people a penny).

In our family group, she also from the 16th century Galileo, directly crossed into 350 years later when the Holy See recognized the heliocentric theory of Galileo, became a true incense, who who have some problems, will @ the old Wang let her give a cure.

By the way, she still goes to the hospital from time to time to study Chinese medicine, once she happened to observe a doctor to the patient, the patient finished the symptoms, the doctor first looked at the old Wang, said, how do you see. Old Wang said a pass, and then looked at the doctor, the doctor nodded and smiled and said, the right way!

After retirement, Wang also enrolled in the University of the elderly, usually write calligraphy, word practice is not wrong, but really to say that she loves from the bottom of her heart willing to think about, is really Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine let her prove that she is really smart and perceptive, just not by the head of mathematics and chemistry, but also let her reap the benefits of positive social feedback, more from more than 50 years old before the relatively ordinary old king, became the king of the doctor.

So, it does not matter if the science of Chinese medicine is not scientific, the reason is not correct, how many scientific defenders do not stand its stage, these do not matter, because it and the old Wang’s encounter, I respect and thank it ~