Trump talks about Biden’s triple fall: I predicted that Hejinli would become president

Biden recently boarded the “Air Force One” when he fell three times. The former President Trump (Trump) said in an interview on the 22nd that he had expected this to happen to Biden, and that He Jinli would replace Biden in the future. The reason is that Biden’s intelligence is declining and he may not even recognize his own signature.

Biden 19 boarded a special plane to Atlanta, in the “Air Force One” gangway a series of three falls. The White House clarified that the president’s body is fine, only the reason for high winds. But observing Biden’s suit jacket and hair, there is no sign of wind.

On March 22, the US media Newsmax interviewed former President Trump and mentioned that Biden fell three times in a row in public. Trump said that he had expected this to happen to Biden.

Trump mentioned that in 2020 he went to West Point to give a speech, leaving because of the foot ramp is too slippery and no handrails, he deliberately and carefully step by step, “because I do not want to fall like him”.

Trump also said that Biden had a terrible fall, not once, but three times.

At the Time, Biden was reported to have mocked Trump’s careful walk, and the mainstream (leftist) media reported it repeatedly at great length.

For example, CNN spent 22 minutes on Trump’s careful walk on Air Force One, but this time Biden fell three times and CNN only reported it for 15 seconds.

For this time Biden fell three times in a row, the White House chief deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. Pierre (Karine Jean-Pierre) said: “It was very windy. I almost fell when I was going up the steps myself. He was 100 percent physically fine.”

But a closer look at Biden’s suit jacket and hair while boarding the plane showed no signs of strong winds at all.

Trump Jr: President too fragile, repeatedly blown down by wind

Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. tweeted sarcastically on the 19th, “Never mind that the President of the United States is so fragile that he is repeatedly blown over by a gust of wind. There’s nothing hilarious to see here at ……, so let’s all disperse!”

Donald Jr. also took a shot at the U.S. mainstream media, denouncing their past coverage of his father, noting that some outlets had criticized Trump for having to hold the railing when he boarded Air Force One.

He said: He remembered that the media had criticized Trump for touching the railing once while boarding the plane. Biden has fallen repeatedly, but he’s convinced he’s a healthy image in the eyes of the media.”

Trump Jr. went on to mock the leftist media’s double standard: “No wonder all of our enemies at the time raided and publicly mocked him (President Trump) at the same time.”

Biden’s boarding fell three times in a row, also causing international public concern.

The British newspaper The Guardian said, “Biden’s supporters had threatened that the U.S. president had not taken a single wrong step in the two months since he took office, and did not expect a bad fulfillment.”

The British media outlet Daily Mail commented that Biden has long faced health problems. He was accused of often confusing people’s names and titles.

Just a day before Biden’s fall, on March 18, he referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as President in a public speech.

In fact, in the 2020 U.S. presidential election, Biden, as a presidential candidate, has made frequent gaffes or slips of the tongue in the series of electioneering campaigns he has launched. Even Trump was said to be former President Bush.

Trump said in an interview on the 22nd, he thinks Biden may be in a state of intelligent decline, it is doubtful, in the end he knew he had signed the document, the content of the order.

Trump had criticized the 78-year-old Biden last year for his poor mental state, and believed that the Democratic Party would later move the 25th Amendment to the Constitution after Biden took office, allowing his deputy, He Jinli, to replace the presidency.

Trump said he still believes it could happen, and he cautioned that these things must be taken seriously and hopefully never happen.

He Jinli appears to be exercising presidential powers

And Biden has not held an official press conference so far in more than two months in office.

Republican Florida U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, in a recent interview, slammed Biden for breaking a 40-year presidential record by taking office and still not holding a formal press conference. Of this anomaly, Gaetz said, “You have to wonder if the transition to Hejlingrad has begun.”

For now, He Jinli appears to be exercising presidential powers. She has been making frequent calls to multiple heads of state on behalf of the president recently.

After calling Australian Prime Minister Morrison on March 2 to discuss the “challenges” of the Chinese Communist Party and Burma, on March 9 she replaced President Biden and spoke with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg to exchange views on deepening relations between the two countries.

She has also spoken with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, demonstrating that she has a higher profile than previous vice presidents, especially on foreign policy issues. In addition, He has had regular lunches with Secretary of State Blinken.