PolyU siege media say police violated promise to prosecute all registered protesters

In Hong Kong, the police have been prosecuting people for the “PolyU siege” in recent months. It has been reported that none of the people who voluntarily registered to leave the campus at the Time of the incident were spared and faced prosecution. At that time, some people who were involved in the “rescue operation” mediated with the police accused the police of breaking their promise. Some of the protesters who registered voluntarily said to the station that they had not taken any chances from the day they left PolyU.

According to Apple Daily on Monday (22), the police will make another arrest in the “PolyU siege” case, and all those who had voluntarily registered to leave the PolyU campus will be spared and may face prosecution.

The media news: police suspected of violating the promise or arrest voluntary registration of identity to leave the people

In 2019, Hong Kong’s anti-revision movement erupted, and from November 17, a large number of demonstrators broke out in serious clashes with the police at PolyU, and the Hong Kong police quickly surrounded PolyU, warning to consider forcibly attacking the school. During the standoff, a number of political and religious figures intervened to mediate. The police have also been involved in a number of cases, including former Legislative Council President Tsang Yu-sing, former Legislative Council member from the Education sector Ip Kin-yuen, Principal Lecturer of the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong Cheung Tat-ming and a group of secondary school principals and teachers. The police later agreed to make special arrangements to allow them to pick up underage students under the age of 18, the police do not make immediate arrest, but there are photos and registration of identity card information, said to retain the possibility of prosecution; as for people over 18 years old will be arrested on suspicion of rioting.

We asked the person who had a part in the mediation with the police, he told us that the police did promise that people under 18 years old trapped in the PolyU can register and leave, unless “there are other problems”, otherwise there will be no criminal responsibility at the scene. He said that if the news that all registered people would be prosecuted was true, it was different from the police’s promise on that day. According to him, no one has been arrested for the time being because they were purely at the scene, and left after registration to be prosecuted.

PolyU exiles: never a fluke

Denny, who requested anonymity due to security concerns, was at PolyU at the time of the incident and later voluntarily registered to leave. He told the station that he was not arrested immediately after registering to leave PolyU, nor did he receive any contact from the police. He believes that those teachers who entered the campus may have the intention to help students, but the Hong Kong government and the police force have always lacked integrity. He said he had not taken any chances since the day he left PolyU.

Denny said (voice processed): He (the police) did not have time before, and everyone acted as if nothing was wrong. But when the heavyweight 47 people (democrats) began to handle the case well, there will be a lot of time to do this single in the entire “anti-sending” in the most representative of a battle, will certainly be driven to the end, because only in the community to create a “kill the wrong, no let go” atmosphere. It is only a matter of time. It’s just a matter of time, I myself have no luck at all, I decided to leave Hong Kong a long time ago.

PolyU arrests account for 10% of the overall number of arrests in the whole “anti-sending” campaign

From June 9, 2019 to November 30, 2020, the police arrested a total of 10,171 people in 17 months, the number of arrests in the “PolyU siege” alone has accounted for 13% of them, with 1,377 people. The figures released by the police show that 810 people left PolyU at that time, while 318 minors were registered.

We also asked the police whether the incident is true, but did not receive a reply before press time. However, Secretary for Security Lee Ka-chiu has said that the “surrendees” who left PolyU will be arrested for rioting.

Police have frequently prosecuted people arrested in the “PolyU siege” in recent months

The police announced on Monday (22) the arrest of nine people who refused bail and one woman who was on bail pending investigation in the “PolyU siege”, all of whom were charged with unlawful assembly.

In addition, five people were also charged with conspiracy to riot last Monday (15) and charged with the crime.

On March 2, 11 people who had been released on bail were also charged with participating in a riot, resisting arrest, and possession of offensive weapons; on February 19, 12 people were charged with rioting. It can be seen that the police are further prosecuting people related to the “PolyU siege” in recent months.